I remember you?

My friends came over to my house a couple weeks ago and it was nothing out of the ordinary. We watched a movie, ate some food and was all pretty normal. However, my house is pretty small, which means there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to entertainment and as the hours grew longer the amount of fun things we could do started to run out and we eventually got bored.

The house grew quiet and from loud extreme chatter it became crickets and silence. Wide ecstatic faces changed to sleepy eyes that were only 2 seconds away from dreaming. Everyone was bored and everyone was tired. When suddenly, someone brought up the idea to walk to the closest shopping mall and go grab some food. This started instant chatter in the house and soon filled in the void of silence. Some were happy to go while some weren’t so keen on the adventure. But however, we all decided to go anyways.

After searching up on google, we found a city mart about 20 minutes away from my house. Groans emerged from my group of friends and soon the groans turned into complaints. Many people weren’t very interested in walking 20 minutes for some food but in the end we all agreed and started the journey.

Once we arrived we decided to eat at Lotteria and once our stomachs were full we were ready to head back home. I don’t remember how long we stayed at City Mart but I do remember that it was long enough for the sky to turn dark. As soon as we went outside I noticed a familiar face on the other side of the road. Since it was pretty dark I had trouble making out who it was but after a while my eyes adjusted to the dark and I realized it was my old school teacher. She had her gym clothes on and her hair was tied in a ponytail and it seemed like she was on a run. I was super excited to see her since she was one of my favorite teachers in my old school.

She then realized I was staring at her and we made eye contact for a while. I screamed her name so that she could hear me and the response she gave back shook my heart. I was ready to expect a smile or maybe a hi back but that was the complete opposite of what I heard.

“Tr. (her name)?” I screamed, my voice carried across the road and was loud enough for her to hear.

“No. That’s not my name” she responded. I was in awe. Maybe it’s that wrong person I thought to myself but her strong Irish accent begged to differ. I was pretty sure that was her. I continued to disagree with her and told her that I was her student a couple months back but I had the same response. “No, I don’t know who you are” or “No, I’m not (her name)”.

By this time my friends had already walked out of the mall as well and they were all now behind me witnessing this whole scenario. I realized I look crazy so I gave up and turned back, my friends faces were as confused as I was. They asked who that was and I replied by explaining the whole story while embarrassment slowly filled my body. My friends laughed in my face and that made me smile as well and in the end I realized that I got a good story out of this and that this was something I would never forget.

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