High School and NOT

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What is school for?

You might already have an answer in mind. “Education,” you would probably say. 

It is a term that most people use to describe school since it is only ordinary for a living human being to experience what school is.

“But is it really worth going for the sake of knowledge?” Partially yes. 

“Then it is because of our parents?” They went to school too. 

“Perhaps to know more people?” That’s true only in a sense. 

Though in my opinion, the real question should be, ‘‘Can school bring out your own potential that makes you unique and who you really are?” 

Another question that many people ask is, “Is high school harsh?” 

The answer depends on you because everyone has their own unique mindset and it is important to know that you control your own life. When we, the 10th graders, reach high school, we are always learning and growing. We adjust our mindsets and set forth ourselves to become more mature. We make important life decisions as well, although the outcome is not what we always expect. Yet, that’s the enthralling part about life. 

We have changes and flaws along the way, and it is always important to have a goal. Have you thought about any changes you wish for yourself? Have you figured what your actual future goal is?

If not, just know that it is okay. Things come at different times for all of us. However, we have friends around us, whether they are close to us or not. Because friendship can influence us to be better individuals. We are all good at something, whether we want to admit it or not,  and we can seek help and advice from people around us. 

When we advance into high school, we are more aware of the fact that the tasks we are given are more HARSH and SHARP compared to previous years. However, we motivate each other to reach a common goal.

All of this is just a start. The tension increases as the school year progresses; unfortunately, there are times we did not adapt well to the quick changes, which sometimes lead to stress. Nonetheless, we gradually adjust ourselves and deal with the challenges ahead, although life is harsh and merciless. 

“But how can you and I still persist when we are stressed?” Friends

“Are friends really that helpful?” Look around you then

One of the answers to the question is simply just by having friends to talk to. Overall, high school life is a stage in which the relationship of all the classmates is closer and tighter—just like a family.

Furthermore, our parents are supporting us. Some would probably say, “I thought our parents sent us to school so that we know the world better.” It is true that they have particular reasons to send us to school. 

Is it really just to make us smart? It could be.

 Have you asked them? They would probably explain that school widens your perspectives and it provides knowledge that we need to survive in the real world. 

As for us, 10th graders, we are mature enough to think for ourselves. At this stage, with the amount of stress and doubts, we are more likely to give up and break apart. “But who can support you?” Parents. Truth be told, they give more advice when their child is in high school. The students can think about their future and their parents could help by giving advice on a variety of matters. 

“Wait, we come to school to learn, right?” Of course, school is mainly about education and learning new information. “But is there something beyond that?” It depends on you. The high school students are now looking for future goals and decisions in life: to discover our potential in a subject we are actually interested in. 

You probably know that the knowledge in high school is much more complicated. The AP course starting from 10th grade is psychology and it is an incredibly interesting subject. It can be difficult, but most students passed with good scores and the current 10th graders are feeling confident about getting a high score in the AP exam. Although high school can be harsh, it can also be enjoyed with all the things we are learning.

Therefore, students in the 10th grade have their own special sense of humor. To display their sense of humor, Angeline and Daniel decided to include pictures from previous years along with the present. For this project, there are pages that contain pictures exhibiting the 10th graders’ lifestyle. However, this is not only a project, but also a memory book of how we present our personalities and unique characteristics. Everyone in this class has an important role in making the class as a whole. So that we will not leave someone alone. 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”—Aristotle

Check out the memory book we made below!

link to HIGH SCHOOL AND NOT: high school and not

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