High-School Life(Expectation v.s Reality)

High school is always pictured as a fairy tale and a wonderful experience that every teens wants to encounter. But in reality, it’s a nightmare filled with good memories.

On your first day of school, you imagined yourself with nicely brushed hair, high class clothing, and a freshly ripped six pack. You definitely had imagined yourself fitting into the new lifestyle and a fresh start and just like that, things evolved into something unexpected. A new change in life hits you hard. Being unable to balance school work and social life, it hits rock bottom. You started getting only 3-4 hours of sleep a day, the gym membership card lay somewhere in your room, stress started to make you crave more sweets and junk food, the new TV show on Netflix just looked so good while assignments just piled up and your motivation dropped somewhere at school. You would think that it is just you that is feeling that way. In reality, it is a pretty basic and typical feelings as a highschool student… 

Our objective in this video is to motivate students to reach their potential and to keep working on their goals. In this video, we will be portraying both expectations and the reality of highschool. In a sense, we will show the difference between a hard working student and a typical high-school student. If you see yourself in this video, you will understand why a change is necessary for improvement in your school career and development. The video will be a comedy/educational video for students still in highschool life. 

We would like to start off with the first thing that occurs when you arrive at school; your clothing and look. Very few people will comb their hair or put on their makeup. Having a professional look at school can improve your behaviour and studying habits. For example, if you tuck in your shirt, wear a belt, and comb your hair to look professionalーyou will start to act professional. The way you act and respond to certain tasks will differ from your typical sweatpants self. 

These days, people are trying to attempt to be more sustainable. So here we decided to show two types of high-schoolers. The first one being environmentally friendly and sustainable and the other one not caring about the environment at all. Helping your society will not only develop your school but inspire citizens and students to follow along. Small actions can lead to a brighter future with just a little effort!

Studying in class will not be enough to improve your academic skills for school. Taking advantage of your breaks and free time will increase your memory since you are retrieving information that you have learned. Even though the benefits are great, students till tend to waste their time on entertainment via gaming and youtube. When you go through the hallway or lunch room; you can see students on their phone scrolling through instagram or playing mobile games. If you can take this time to read books and review notes, you will see yourself sitting on Albert Einstein’s throne.

Getting back to your academic career, homework is one of the most important things to work on during your school life. Even though it is time consuming, putting in the extra work and practices will increase your education dramatically. You can compare students who do their homework and who doesn’t; the students who do their homework have better grades. So instead of going on your phone and scrolling through the internet, take your time to perfect your homework.

Projects are just as important as homework. Getting good marks on your projects and presentations can boost up your grade by a lot. We usually take time outside of class to finish up our work. But doing this has a fatal flaw; it turns into a hangout instead. We talk about how much we are gonna work and how we will manage our time but, we usually forget about this. Our study time usually turns into a party with pizzas and drinks occasionally. However, as the deadline comes closer, we get distracted less and are able to focus a hundred percent on our projects. 

Doing all of these will lead you to success, but there are people born with gifts and talents. You will spend every day studying hard for an exam to get a good score. But somehow, there is always a student who doesn’t study at all and still gets a hundred. This a person that God decided he/she should not have any stress in their life. However, don’t let them bring you down. If you try twice as hard, you will surely surpass them. 

It is acceptable that during this social media era, it is easier to get distracted from your studies and to just scroll through news feeds. This is how procrastination usually works. High school is filled with overloaded assignments and lessons but it is also the time you want to keep your social life banging. This causes conflicts in your own mind on whether you should keep using your phone or study. You can get distracted, you can use your phone for a couple of minutes. But always get back on track on what you have to do. Keep that in mind. It is very hard. Trust me. As we were writing this essay, we swear we got distracted by many things. But we managed to finish it on time. So can you. 

Have you ever experienced cramming an exam last minute? As a highschool, we have done it at least once in our lives. There are still many students who get a perfect score while cramming. But it is tiring and exhausting. Cramming also leads the information into the Short Term Memory; meaning you will easily forget the facts for the final exams. Try to space your lessons, even if it is just a 10 mins review on what you’ve learnt. Yong does it all the time and is passing so u can still cram! 

Last but not least, we have bullying. This occurs all over the world and humans have failed to stop this. One way or another, a person becomes addicted to the feeling of power and fame. This leads to people replicating this cruel act of bullying to gain themselves fame. Just hit the gym people! Tips on solving this issue: Talk to an adult, confront the bully, learn self-defense, or go talk to their parents. One of these tips should put you in a better life that you deserve to thrive in. 

So this is it! We hope this blog can help you overcome your highschool life even if it is just a minimum change. We also hope you enjoy our video on Highschool Life: Expectations and Reality.

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