italia, il bellissimo paese

I shall stop this very long blog here as time is running short and the calling of my APs grow ever louder. Personally, a trip is great organized beforehand, but a truly memorable trip is organized right at the place itself. Why? The recommendation of the locals, the flow of your mood, the hidden gems that you either stumble across or is tipped at, all play a key role in what determines a great trip from a normal one. As I have laid only two destinations, do not mistake me for telling you to visit only these two. Rather, make sure you include the cities up there into your itineraries. Should time have permit, I may have delve deeper into my Italian experience but that will be for another time. May your trips be smooth and your experience etched into your hearts. May your recollections one day be reminisces and nostalgia.

See you all where the roads meet,

Ricky SaiSai









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