If I Lived in a Fantasy Land…

If I lived in fantasy land, I would want two entirely different lands. One filled with technology and one to remember times of the past.

For my first land, I would want it to be a bustling city filled with technology of the greatest kind. With robots that help out with daily life, civilizations on other planets, and space exploration.

I would really want there to be robots because while robots do the work, people will be able to enjoy their life and spend time with loved ones instead of slaving away at work. Sometimes parents are not able to spend enough time with their children at home so having robots do the work could fix that problem.

Having cities and civilizations on other planets would make lives a lot easier because there won’t be overpopulation in current cities and there will be so many more places and sights to explore and if space is able to be regularly accessed then we could discover so many new materials that would help develop new technology that will bring society to an entirely different level.

Futuristic City

However, with this much technology on our hands, I can’t really see the beauty of nature existing in its full glory. So if my fantasy land wasn’t filled with science and technology, I would want it to be a land filled with lush green grass, sparkling oceans, wide desserts, and tall mountains with gorgeous views. I would want there to be mythical creatures or heros of different legends and epics to exist together.

To come to this fantasy land, you need to have been famous or infamous and whether you were real or not doesn’t matter. What matters is how many people have spoke about your tales and how you were remembered.

There would be different kingdoms coexisting peacefully together without any bloodshed. Fantastic rulers from legends such as King Arthur, Gilgamesh, or Zeus all ruling over their respective kingdoms. Courageous heros such as Hercules, Siegfried, and Achilles guarding their people. Mythical creatures such as unicorns, hydras, and gorgons as creatures of the norm you see everyday. Even famous scientists or artists such as Issac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci who are long gone from this world having a second chance at life for their incredible discoveries and talents.


The land of the world will be spilt into different areas and each area will have a group of heros or villians from the same legend, epic, or myth. Heros from Greek religion in one area and gods from the Mahabharata in one area. Each land will look different depending on their culture or origins.

The oceans shall not be empty either. Deep down in the ocean, the underwater city of Atlantis filled with merpeople and sirens will thrive. The ocean will be filled with different underwater cities with different sea creatures inhabiting them.

Humans will be able to go underwater using a speical potion or spell and merpeople will be able to temporarily grow legs to visit land. Everyone is able to visit any area they please and enjoy each others cultures.

If my fantasy land were like this then people would be able to travel on great adventures and never be bored. Without technology during this time, people would also be able to focus on other things to do. It will also be peaceful with no blaring noises from cars or air pollution from factories.

I got this idea from imagining how famous deceased people would interact with each other. It was fun to imagine people like Einstein and Galileo having a conversation over a cup of tea or Hades and Karna having a battle of epic proportions. My heart leaps at the thought of seeing these legendary figures in person.


Although this land is filled with adventure, it lacks several good things that can come with technology and I can’t imagine it will always be peaceful with so many myths and legends crowding the land.

I chose to have two seperate ideas to go with my fantasy land because both sides have their pros and cons. Both sides will never bore you though. You can go on a space trip to Saturn or write a song with Apollo. The choice is yours.

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