Reflections and Jubilation

A Traumatic Night: 

An event I will never forget was the Talent show of the year I joined Thalun. The childlike exuberance was still very much intact back then and I jumped at an opportunity to perform a duet with a female classmate. To those who don’t know, her name was Hikari. We planned to perform City of Stars which was, at the time, a hit song due to its recent release. I was utterly unprepared yet I overestimated myself. Being the bratty child that I was, I went onstage only to thoroughly fail. As Mr. Steve would say, I failed even more glorious than all the ELA classes I took combined. I wish I could say I walked out stage with my head high and smiling despite knowing the terrible show I had given to everyone. But life is harsh, and I ended up bawling. Such is life, giving harsh lessons, especially to those inattentive to their own immaturity and overconfidence. 

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