Hello everyone, this video is a little different from any other project we have done and uploaded in this blog from the past few years. An assignment was made for us to design a project of our own using what we have learnt from last year as graphics. The categories that we were given were high school, music, or food. The partners were assigned; Charming, Kamilla, and Hazel as we chose to work on a project related to the topic, “music”. 

We decided to make a lyric video to an original song by Charming, called “Insecurity”. The song used, was composed last year as a project assignment in music class. Everyone illustrated pictures relating to the lyrics of the song using gimp. We all worked together and went to each other’s houses a few times to help each other out. The video was made by Charming as Hazel added the lyrics from the song. 2 students from this group, Kamilla and Charming, went on vacations during the December break and took a few clips of the beautiful sights of Tajikistan and Ngapali beach in Myanmar, shown in the lyric video to make it more amusing.

The song illustrates a lost girl trying to be a part of something or at least someone. A girl who was always isolating herself because she was too scared to be judged. She doubts herself on anything she does, she sees nothing but her own flaws. As mentioned before, the song was written because of a music project assigned as it was rushed through while it lacked thorough revision and meaning. To sum everything up, the song is about a girl who is anxious about her insecurities; that are stopping her from doing what she loves.

Just Some Weirdo From Thalun


I’m very proud of the people I’m working with right now. ❤

As you just read, I’m from Thalun International School and my name is Charming. I’m from the 7th grade and I just happen to be a sister. I have a younger brother and six cousins who also happen to be boys.

Honestly, I feel important with the seven because they care a lot about me and all of them (almost all) are there for me whenever I need it.

Anyway, over the summer I traveled to Vietnam with the school and participated in the LAB Program. I made a lot of friends with students from other countries as well as the volunteers. I brought back home a lot of experiences and shared them with my family.

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