The best burmese snacks that will leave you speechless 

    I’ve been eating Burmese snacks ever since I learned how to munch down on food. Burmese snacks, for me, are snacks that remind me of family and community. They’re snacks that aren’t meant to be eaten alone, but instead are to be shared with whoever is willing to have a bite. The bends and the curves of each snack is documentation of the chef’s handiwork and it shows just how much care and attention is put into the creation of each treat. Which makes each one unique. Because of this, these treats are not ones that one would describe as flawless with just a glance. However, they are snacks that will earn this title of perfection with just a bite. 

In my opinion, the best Burmese snacks are not found in places like restaurants, or in shops. The best Burmese snacks are the ones that pass your street one to two times a day, and are sold on trays placed on top of the head of a very loud seller. Sellers whose voices – so loud – would carry into one’s home through their windows – either open or closed – and entice one to listen to what snacks this full throated seller had at hand. 

And as a traditional Burmese citizen of 17 years, I am coaxed into it every time. 

And everytime the seller places her tray down, these snacks are always laid around the circular tray. Waiting to be enjoyed and these are a few of my favorites

Mote Let koute kwin, the burmese donut – Direct translation, bracelet snack. A snack that is rounded into circles and similar to a donut but too thin and much less doughy to be identical. Each Mote Let Koute Kwin is different, because each bracelet has their own unique curves and bends that flaunt the chef’s handiwork on full display. 

This curvy bracelet is commonly paired with a sweet and rich sauce made from jaggery. That, once dipped, coats the bracelet in a dark and smooth gloss that slithers its way around and over the curves before the snack makes its way into the mouth of a hungry Burmese (or tourist 🙂 ). And once tasted, the richness and attractiveness of the sauce tempts one for another bite. 

Truthfully the sauce is the star in this snack. The sweetness of the jaggery has a hold on you like no other, which is why before you know it, you’re going in for a second bite, then a third, then a fourth, a fifth, and finally you’ve devoured the whole tray.

Mote Sain Paung, a cake-like layered stack of delicious sweetened and powdery rice. Starting with white on the bottom, and moving up to a mix and match of brown, white and dark brown. This coconut covered snack is sometimes the star of the tray, since it can be placed in the middle where it towers over all the other treats. Waiting to be cut into and tried.  The mont sein paung has a very unique texture and taste to it. One like no other, because, once tasted it leaves a trace of flavor in your mouth that you may never forget. The treat, since it’s made with grinded rice, has the tendency to crumble once it enters your mouth and make its way onto each individual taste bud. Introducing its flavors to the taste detectors on your tongue. Leaving your mouth speechless within the first bite. Coconut! Bean! Rice, all the flavors adhering to one’s taste pallet. 

The aroma surrounding a mote sein paung is also just as good as the flavors that come with it. The smell is soft and smooth, and is so enticing that it makes whoever is near turn to search for it. This is one of the snacks that is just waiting for someone to try them so the flavor combinations and sensational textures wow them into even disbelief. That’s how good this snack is. 


On a street seller’s tray, there is an assortment of snacks but the ones that will catch your eye the most are the fried treats! Almost most of the snacks on the tray will be fried and all of them are definitely worth a taste. 

For example, Mandalay pe kyaw, if you like the savory kind, this is the snack for you. Also known as red bean fritters,these treats are deep fried bean snacks that are full of creamy and crunchy enjoyments.

The fritter has a very distinct smell that entices one to grab one and take a bite. And I am guilty of falling for it everytime. The fritter is also commonly paired with a light and spicy sauce that coats the treat in the most delicious spices, and makes the treat better than it already was. 

Another mentionable fried snack would be the normal pe kyaw. Which is less brown and more light and yellow in complexion, compared to the Mandalay version. Because normal pe kyaw is not fried with red beans, but instead is fried with yellow peas! The snack has the distinct taste of fried yellow peas that any Burmese local would recognize and because of this it is a local delicacy. It can be enjoyed by itself, or with the same sauce dipped by mandalay pe kyaw or even cracked into mohinga!

These are some of my top favorite burmese treats and that is why these are the ones that I chose to include in my essay.  There are many other delicious and noteworthy snacks on a Burmese seller’s tray but these three are the ones that I believe are the ones worth trying the most. The ones that will stay with you forever. 

The world through the eyes of a teenager

A collage of some things that I think would describe the story I had told in this blog. I chose to add pictures of my friends and I and pictures that resemble what my life as a teenager has been.

Ever since I was about 8, I was so excited to grow up, and I’ve always seen 16 as this glorious age. The age where my journey to adulthood would begin. I thought that when I turned 16, the world around me would change as if turning this certain age would make me feel like I had a stronger role in this world. However, the most noticeable change I’ve seen after turning 16 is my attitude towards growing up. Everything else seems to have stayed the way they were, if not even less than what they were before.

It’s kind of funny to think about it because I will always remember the way I saw the world when I was a child. Full of color; a very saturated cloud of hues and pigment. But now, when I look around me, I feel as if those colors have disappeared. As if I have finally taken off the glasses that blinded me from all the grey. When I look at the world now all I see is a dead end. Is this all there is? There surely must be more, but I’m scared to find out that maybe there isn’t.

Throughout these past few months I finally see the world for what it is. A place where fairness and equality are just words used to comfort those who seek it. Society divides between rich and poor, black and white, men and women. And even if the gaps between them have narrowed, there is still a prominent space between the two. Women are still facing sexist comments and are still being treated like objects. People of color are still being seen as less than and the rich are still taking advantage of the poor. 

Due to these unjust divisions of social groups, this year has hit heavy for a lot of people in this country. And through my eyes, I feel that it’s quite unfair that because of a corrupt system, many have to suffer for it. I think I speak for almost everyone in this country when I say that it’s been hard to keep a strong heart. And many people’s view of living and life has been changed. These past few months have made me see the world in such a different way, that I feel if I were to see it through the eyes of myself when I was young, it would be beyond what I could recognize.

It’s obvious that our mind affects how we perceive the world around us. Whether you want to view that glass as half empty or half full is all dependent on you. And these days it’s hard to keep that glass half full. I miss doing a lot of things, I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and dressing up for school. I miss the way I waited for my friends to walk into class, I miss a lot of things. It’s funny how everything we had and not cared for a few months ago, is now everything we long for. 

I know these times are hard on everyone. The world seems to have changed so much in a span of such a short time that it’s difficult to focus on what had been important to you before. It’s hard to think about moving forward when it feels like everything around you refuses to move with you.

However, even though I have rambled on and on about how everything sucks, having a positive mindset and keeping that glass half full is what’s most important these days. Refusing to let the bad push you down is what will create a change. 

I didn’t choose to write a blog about how the world looked through the eyes of teenagers to show adults what us teens are experiencing during these times. Instead, I chose this because I hope it can come across someone who’s experiencing the same thing I am. Hoping that this jumble of my words and thoughts can be of comfort for someone else who feels the same way. 

So take this as a letter to those who are also feeling lost and stuck. Especially those who are my age, who’ve been feeling empty, tired and angry. I know it’s frustrating these days, with everyone telling you that these last few years of high school are meant to be focused on moving forward and focusing on the future. But how can we when the future itself seems so bleak?

I’ve had a lot of mixed emotions and a lot of them I’ve been taking out at the world. Angry at it for what has happened and, angry at it for breaking the promise it had made to me. The promise that when everyone’s born, they’re born into a world that will hold them with safety and love. However, I now realize that the world isn’t at fault here. It’s the people who made it this way. It’s the people who created the cracks and crevices on this land that only keep on breaking. So if I had to describe the world from the eyes of a teenager, I would tell you that it’s not the world that I see has been ruined. But the people who have ruined it. 

However, even after all I have said, I still do have hope. Because I know that having faith is the only way to keep the possibility of a prosperous world alive. 

So what I would like to say is, overall, even though everything seems like it’s moving against you. Just hang in there and look for the things that bring color to your life. Don’t go too long staring at the grey.

A change will com

A collage of some of my favorite songs and albums.
I included this here to show everyone something that brings color to my life. Using music as sort of escape when everything becomes overwhelming is very VERY effective and wayy cheaper than therapy 🙂

I remember you?

My friends came over to my house a couple weeks ago and it was nothing out of the ordinary. We watched a movie, ate some food and was all pretty normal. However, my house is pretty small, which means there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to entertainment and as the hours grew longer the amount of fun things we could do started to run out and we eventually got bored.

The house grew quiet and from loud extreme chatter it became crickets and silence. Wide ecstatic faces changed to sleepy eyes that were only 2 seconds away from dreaming. Everyone was bored and everyone was tired. When suddenly, someone brought up the idea to walk to the closest shopping mall and go grab some food. This started instant chatter in the house and soon filled in the void of silence. Some were happy to go while some weren’t so keen on the adventure. But however, we all decided to go anyways.

After searching up on google, we found a city mart about 20 minutes away from my house. Groans emerged from my group of friends and soon the groans turned into complaints. Many people weren’t very interested in walking 20 minutes for some food but in the end we all agreed and started the journey.

Once we arrived we decided to eat at Lotteria and once our stomachs were full we were ready to head back home. I don’t remember how long we stayed at City Mart but I do remember that it was long enough for the sky to turn dark. As soon as we went outside I noticed a familiar face on the other side of the road. Since it was pretty dark I had trouble making out who it was but after a while my eyes adjusted to the dark and I realized it was my old school teacher. She had her gym clothes on and her hair was tied in a ponytail and it seemed like she was on a run. I was super excited to see her since she was one of my favorite teachers in my old school.

She then realized I was staring at her and we made eye contact for a while. I screamed her name so that she could hear me and the response she gave back shook my heart. I was ready to expect a smile or maybe a hi back but that was the complete opposite of what I heard.

“Tr. (her name)?” I screamed, my voice carried across the road and was loud enough for her to hear.

“No. That’s not my name” she responded. I was in awe. Maybe it’s that wrong person I thought to myself but her strong Irish accent begged to differ. I was pretty sure that was her. I continued to disagree with her and told her that I was her student a couple months back but I had the same response. “No, I don’t know who you are” or “No, I’m not (her name)”.

By this time my friends had already walked out of the mall as well and they were all now behind me witnessing this whole scenario. I realized I look crazy so I gave up and turned back, my friends faces were as confused as I was. They asked who that was and I replied by explaining the whole story while embarrassment slowly filled my body. My friends laughed in my face and that made me smile as well and in the end I realized that I got a good story out of this and that this was something I would never forget.


Just an Edit

So honestly, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this project but the final result turned out pretty good so I’m not mad. I decided to do an edit of some of the closest friends I’ve made ever since I came to thalun because they are some of the best people I know and they are the reasons why I’m glad I came to this school. I never saw myself leaving network but i’m glad I did and i’m glad that I met the people I have because they are all amazing, kinda cheesy but whatever.

However, this edit, if I’m Being honest wasn’t my first choice. I had a second project which I did and was pretty decent as well but although it was great and all I still decided to go with this one because this had more color, more contrast and more personality. This is the final result of my edit and I hope you guys love it.

Just Wanted to Say Hey

Hey. My name is Cherry and I’m 14 which may come as a surprise to some people because I look like an 11 year-old. I was born on the 23rd of September on 2004 and I don’t know… my favorite color is purple?

I also love to draw and I’ll never go anywhere without my sketchbook. It’s basically my child. I’m a giant foodie meaning I’ll eat anything and everything except for anything that has more that 4 legs. I’m a huge fan of that TV show called f.r.i.e.n.d.s and I think I’ve watched every episode at least 5 times. It’s honestly becoming a problem. I’m also horrible at math so if you ask me anything math related you’ll probably have to wait a couple days for me to come up with an answer. Oh and I’m terribly lazy, but I mean, who isn’t?

I love love loveeee dogs more than I love humans… but not cats. They scare me, especially hairless cats. I honestly believe that the root of all my fears started from the hairless cat. However kittens are adorableeee, but not a hairless kitten. I swear hairless kittens are scarier than hairless cats.

Anyways, I guess that’s all I have to say. Thanks for reading and I hope I entertained you for a couple of minutes. Have fun with whatever you’re up to and bye.