Brain’s “Program”

My mind is occupied by…

My brain does plenty of tasks for me, and I’m grateful for that. However, it is somewhat disconcerting that my mind know my acts, my thoughts…….and my secrets!

I once doubted that my mind is manipulating me to do everything. Eventually, I learned to observe my brain and collect data in order to do proper research of my brain’s activities.

And this time, I can expose my brain’s secret by creating an infographic…..

I’m currently cooperating with my brain so it can improve its working system and develop more organizing strategies.


James Louis K. Stevenson (2)



Aim Big for the Summer



Summer Holidays… everyone has an enthusiastic attitude toward this special time. And while the holiday period is the best moment for most of the students, for high school students in particular, the holiday doesn’t hide the fact that school courses continue to become more challenging and difficult.

In this case, students should prepared for the upcoming school curriculum during the summer holiday. Therfore, I would like to introduce my experience with the ultimate summer holiday I had.

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Tigers -A Marvelous, Endangered Species


Digital Illustration by Daniel Kingston

Tigers are a royal species among all the Asian big cats, covered by a flame colored complexion with coal black stripes. They have smouldering, amber eyes and reddish orange fur as camouflage when they move from tree to tree. They are also the largest cat species with incredible strength, instant high speed, and flawless hunting skills. These features are both admired and feared by humans. But despite being fearless animals, they are still threatened.

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