The Cat

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I have an image that the cat was stroking someone’s head.

I was tired at the end of the day.  I sighed when I arrived at home.

And then, the cat was stroking my head.

I felt the cat said “Good work. You did your best today.”

I then thought, “I will do my best tomorrow too.”

I tried to make the image like a black and white movie because the background is nostalgic.

We don’t know this cat’s real color so, we can think freely.

About Eimi

My name is Amy Sugiura. I have been staying here in Myanmar for four months.

I have been at the Japanese government school last year.

I am now at this school for this year. This picture  (coming soon) is the best of my collection all of my pictures. They are very powerful and the teacher is very kind.

My favorite subjects are Japanese and Biology because the teachers talk about interesting  things and they are exciting people to me.

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