Hello there. I am Baby as you might know.

So, I am guessing you like to listen music as much as I do. Have you ever been in that state that you are listening to music but it is very loud and people around you can hear it? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Ever sing while listening to the music? Haha high five (you didn’t give Baby a high five). Oh um… Ok (._.). Anyways this is an infographic about how much music I listen to in a week. Hope you enjoy! ❤




This Weird Kiddo

Hi. YES, you read that title right. I am a weirdo and if you’re a weirdo as well… Hi. This is a story or a post about my English language skills before and after attending Thalun International School.

My name is Baby, as you might already know. My real name is Su Myat Pan Lin Maung. I am a 7th grader that is going to turn 14 on December 14th. You might be wondering why am I in grade 7? Well, before I came to Thalun, I was from Brown Academy .It is a private school and it is also a Burmese school. Before Brown Academy I was from a government school called B.E.H.S ( 1 ) Dagon.

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