MY (Jess’) Infographic…

My infographic is about my travels and where I have lived. It is basically a list of where I’ve been in my past and where I’m now. It was a bit easy putting it together but hard to find the info and the idea. It is the first one I have made and I think it is pretty good. I have been to many interesting places so I thought that this should be an interesting topic.

Countries Been To....jpg

My Summer!

gray fish

Photo by Will Wu on


This was one of THE best summers and it was so much fun. I went to South Africa and went to see my grandparents… and my cat… and my cousins.

We planned to go to Hole-in-the-wall for the weekend just after we spent a week in South Africa (-just in case you don’t know what Hole-in-the-wall is, it is near the water and on the beach). Hole-in-the-wall has a long wide stream of water where we can swim, and when we were there, I did not really swim but rather I ate some of the picnic food. It was great! (I don’t want to tell what it was or you’ll be hungry.)

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