A Closer Look…

Designing this infographic was fairly simple, although deciding on the actual design took a substantial amount of time – it taught me that sometimes, over-complicating every detail is just not worth it. This infographic includes some new perspectives of my life you may have never thought existed; perspectives that portray who I am not just as a student, but as a person. Like the title states, try to take a closer look at the data. You may, perhaps, learn something completely new…

Infographic final.jpg



Jonathan: In a Nutshell

biography pic

I remember screaming with every ounce of air in my lungs as my uncle and I dropped from a 30-meter height on a turquoise swing somewhere on one of the islands of Malaysia.

I remember biting my nailsor what was left of themwhile my second-grade teacher was announcing the victors of the hard-fought math test; I was one of them.

I remember staring at streaks of water on the airplane window, heartbroken, thinking about the beautiful girl I saw and how I would never see her smile ever again.

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