Ruling Over the Universe Feels Great

Hello there, my name is John and I would like to tell you about my GIMP project. Here are three pictures of me at different power levels. First I am at normal monster levels. Next I am a star buster. ( Which means I can destroy stars with ease ) . Finally I am at multiverse levels. I can destroy multiple universes, hence the name. These pictures were edited in GIMP with ONLY copyright free photos. That’s about it and I will see you next time!

Godzilla and Other Mythical Creatures

IMG_20190302_200544 (2)

My illustration is done in Adobe Draw. So, you may not know that I like King Kong, Godzilla, and whatnot. So you could say I like mystical creatures. When I was young I always thought of drawing a professional digital image of what I liked. Now that dream has come true. It makes sense, right?

I always draw these on paper with pencil and I have to admit that digital art is easier. It is just tracing and I am proud of my drawing. Here are some extra credit pictures.

pixil-frame-0 (15)IMG_20190305_131732 (1)

My Life In a Summary

Hello everyone, my name is John and you probably know about me already. Today I want to introduce you guys to my awesome infographics. One is about my life and the other is about why our minds are taking over us. Here they are.




You are a prisoner of your own mind


These are all my beautiful info graphics, and I hoped you enjoy staring at them!


Hey people! My name is John Kaung Myat Htut and this is my second blog post. As you know, I am from Yangon, Myanmar. I attend Thalun International School and I am in Grade 7.

I am exactly five feet tall. My birthday is June 10, 2006. I love Fnaf, animals, and animal T.V shows. I also like playing video games on my Android phone. My favorite game is Mobile Legends. It is really fun.  I have a MI MAX, which is a pretty good phone. I also have a YouTube channel, that I share with Wai Yan. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

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