The End Is Come…..

THE END IS COME! OUR YEAR LONG JOURNEY OF MATH, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES,  ENGLISH, AND OTHER STUDIES ARE BLESSEDLY OVER………but it also means saying goodbye to our friends, the majority of which are to leave next year, in my class anyways. And…’s also time to present our last project for ICT. And so… you are, reading my blog post (which I very much doubt that you are, so you won’t be here to see this anyways so why do I bother saying this?)

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A Peephole Into My Life

Hi, my name is May and I am now in seventh grade. This year, I am going to be turning thirteen years-old and will finally be a teenager. AKK, my brother is now fourteen and in 9th grade. I was born on October 20, 2005 in Yangon, Myanmar.

Since I am in 7th grade, I am working harder to get better grades and I want to achieve straight A’s this school year. 7th grade is when we have to learn Pre – Algebra and it’s going to be challenging.

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Greetings from May

My full name is May Thu Kyaw but many would call me May and I prefer that name. I was born on the 20th of October, 2005, so this year in 2018, I am currently twelve.

I come from different nationalities and I am half Burmese and Chinese. Although I am Burmese and Chinese, my first language is English and I attend Thalun International School where I am improving my language skills.  I have not always attended this school because until I was in the fourth grade, I studied at YA, (abbreviation for Yangon Academy.)

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