Something I won’t forget


I’m Nina. I created two pictures by “Pics Art” using my Phone. These pictures are one of the memories that I won’t forget and I don’t want to forget.  

The first picture is a cherry tree. I took this photo when I was 12 years old. This was the first time I went “cherry blossom viewing” with my family. We call cherry blossom viewing “Hanami” in Japanese. Hanami is like a picnic to enjoy the cherry blossom. It is a Japanese tradition of welcoming spring. Enjoying cherry blossoms is an old Japanese custom that’s been around for over one thousand years. I remember it very well because the cherry trees were stunning. This was the most glorious sight I have ever seen. I have edited the original picture and put a lot of effects to make it look beautiful. For example, I changed the sky which is the background in this picture. As you can see,  the sky is shining in the picture but at first it was cloudy. In the first, there was no sunlight. Then I put sunlight effect. It made more beautiful. I used an application called “Pics Art”  to edit the photo. This is almost the same as GIMP that I learned last year. 


The second photo is when I went somewhere three years ago with my sister and my father. He took this photo. I don’t remember the name of this place but it was a historically famous in japan. I remember it very clearly because the scenery was very beautiful. This place is one of my the nicest places I have ever visited. That place was filled with nature; like there were fish in pond, many trees, and waterfall. My sister and I walked on the bridge above the pond. The person walking ahead in the picture was my sister and the one following her was me.


Illustration Of Nina

2019-02-26 22 22 27

Hi! This is my illustration based on when I went to the aquarium. I used ibisPaint. My favorite animal is a penguin, because they are very cute. My heart will heal when I see them.

I learned animation and sound design in ICT class. I lived in Japan one year ago. There was no ICT class at my Japanese school. I didn’t know how to use Google and how to turn on a personal computer. The animation and sound projects were very hard for me at Thalun. But these were so much fun. So I would like to make an animation again in the third trimester.