Mark Is In a Drawing!


Hey guys! This is my digital illustration (see above) which is drawn by me using GIMP. GIMP is not the easiest program to draw in but it can make a good quality drawing if you do it carefully. Well… this drawing is not too good but not too bad either. I spent a lot of hours doing this, because this drawing was finished and I forgot to save and I had to start the whole thing from the beginning. I would like to tell you something. If you want to try GIMP, don’t forget to save your drawing before you leave GIMP!

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~;-;~ My Rainy Summer ~;-;~

If you were in Yangon over the summer you would have seen a lot of rain. It’s pretty boring over the summer holidays. Anyway, I went to Maungmagan Beach, Dawei which is at the bottom part of Myanmar. The beach is so stormy. Also the wind is so cold and so strong.  You will see in the photo. I just ate, swam, slept, and played games. That’s how I spent my holidays.


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