Reflections and Jubilation

A messily written collection of thoughts of a person heading towards the end of high school.

Writing has never been more challenging than racking my brain to write a final blog for a school where I spent years learning, developing, and changing perspectives on life itself. As the final months of school draws to a close, I believe it is a perfect time to provide my reflections on our school and the jubilations I have had the opportunity to experience.

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italia, il bellissimo paese

Written by Ricky, a once dewy-eyed tourist in Italy

Ever felt the need for an escape from your confining urban life? Ever felt the desire to see remnants of century-old history? Ever felt the need to eat mouthwatering meals and mind-blowing desserts? Perhaps these are your true desires, perhaps they are not. Perhaps what you wish for has yet to surface or perhaps you have forgotten your own wishes in the midst of the storm of life. In any case, one thing is for sure: a holiday is a must and a great one is one of life’s greatest joys. And so, may I present you…

the Bel Paese Italia or Beautiful Country Italy.

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A Bundle of Love, Wrapped in Fur…

As teenagers, we go through tons of stuff that need not to be told. We long for peace and just LOVE! I am so grateful to have a chance to keep a pet dog. We all have different kinds of pets but I believe dogs are the most eligible ones. (COME AT ME CAT-LOVERS!) Here is MoPhyu in a double exposure picture and just have fun guys! Find what you love and cherish with your heart. To end of, here’s my fav dog quote: “Life’s short, hug your dog“.

A Digital Illustration of My Weird Face

Hey guys! We meet again! This is a digital illustration of my weird, frustrated/arguing pose. This image’s colors are definitely not human-like. I decided to try something new and just based on all the skin colors out of white. This image was taken by Andrew during our regular classes with Mr. Sean in Social Studies. Enjoy and it is OK to cringe! I myself feel weird looking at myself all grey.



How does Ricky Spend His Evenings? Well, It’s All Here!

Hello dear Readers, we meet again! Today I will be presenting my info-graphic of how I manage and spend my time after school. To be honest, these days we were picked up late so well, its not so accurate. (XD)




Mostly I either stay at school and play soccer or go swimming. Sometimes we go to our garden and check out how everything is going. Every since high school began, NO MORE GAME TIME! The studies are longer and more complicated. There you have it, why studies is the king. We also go out and have dinners like Pizza, Ramen, Salads..etc..

This is just something I often do throughout the week after school.