Grey is Okay

I edited two pictures from Pixabay. As you can see, they are grey themed. The reason why they are grey themed is because sometimes you can have problems and the solutions are complicated. And sometimes, these solutions are not as easy as black and white but sometimes grey. During these times, I wanted to tell people that even when the whole world is black and white, you can be grey. The color on only some things is because during these times, I want people to focus on people important to you and yourself. Cause no one can hurt you more than yourself.


The Scenery

I am horrible at electronics so please be patient with me. This is a project we had to do for ICT where we edit and try to make our pictures better.

I decided to do the Scenery because these past few days, I’ve learned to be thankful for what Mother Nature provides us. The good scenery is rare and precious. We try to keep it forever as a memory by taking pictures of it. However, maybe the scenery can be a little better with some editing.

My editing was terrible and I am a really bad editor but I hope you like it.