Covid-19 Lessons I’ve learned

Covid-19 has hit all of us hard this year and I think we’ve all had our troubles dealing with it. It’s been mentally tiring having to be at home all the time due to quarantine and having to worry about the virus accidentally spreading to your family. Especially with all the political stuff going on (though we’re not going to talk about that), we’re all a little emotionally aggravated. As a way to turn this into a potentially positive thing, I’ll be talking about things I’ve able to accomplished during this time and lessons Covid-19 has taught me.

One thing that I’ve realized is the amount of free time I now had since I’ve been stuck at home. Although this does has it’s down falls since you can easily become bored after a while, I’m still quite thankful. I’ve gotten a few more hours of free time since I don’t need any transportation to go to school. I’ve used those few free hours to catch up on sleep I couldn’t have before and just relax. In fact, I’ve gotten back to my normal schedule of sleep which I’m very proud at myself for. I have now learned to take some time for myself and just listening to some songs. I was really happy to just be able to sit down and read some novels. I think the happiest times have been when I’ve gotten to enjoy a movie with some snacks. Covid taught me that relaxing and enjoying time won’t kill and is equally as important as catching up on assignments and studying for tests.

A snack I made myself to eat while watching a movie

Of course, that doesn’t mean school assignments aren’t important. I’ve also used this time to carefully do my assignments and study for my tests. Rushing to finish my assignments usually don’t help my grade but it wasn’t really a choice before because of all the events happening at the same time. Honestly, during exam season and especially near the end of the school year, extra time is always welcomed. It’s usually chaotic and full of panic with all the tests you have to study, the assignments you have to finish and having to go to the library to give back the books, etc. Now that I’m going to be in 10th grade, there’s more decisions to make and a lot more thinking to do. It just causes more anxiety and stress so having a few extra hours to study or rest is nice. It did made me realize then that no matter how much time I have in my hands, it might not be enough in the end. Still, though, I pulled through and although the school year hasn’t completely ended, I personally am happy with what I’ve done this year.

How my late night studying usually look like but not as pretty

After the school year end though, I can see myself being bored since I will no longer have anything to keep me busy. Since I can’t really go outside and do much right now, I’ve decided that this summer I’m going to try my best to learn a sports. Covid has taught me how to make the best out of the current situation. After all, my parents have been telling me to learn some martial arts for self defense and with the amount of free time I will have, I really can’t do anything better. Trying to learn a sports or a new language would be the best thing to keep me occupied and I probably would benefit from these lessons in the future. I think I’ll end up choosing one of the above and make the best out of my time.

Future Me? (maybe)

Since I’ve already talked about what I’ve done, been doing and will do, I guess it’s only fair if I talked about what I wish to do. I personally missed my friends and want to see them again. Like the title says, one of the lessons I’ve learned is to appreciate my friends. Although we do talk on the phone and video call a lot, nothing’s like meeting in person and just joking around with each other. I haven’t seen them in about a year now and I’m starting to miss seeing their faces. It isn’t to the point of forgetting their faces, but it’s going there. I’ve probably been deprived of human interactions for months as once I do meet them in person, I want to personally give each of them a big hug. Although I did like being by myself and was happy to be have some time alone to really relax and think, I do want to plan a big get together once everything settle down and have fun with my friends.

Covid-19 has caused all of us major problems. We’ve had change and adjust our pervious lifestyles in order to deal with the effects of the virus. Lots of both good and bad things have happened this year (2020 – 2021). We can only hope things will slowly go back to normal and nothing will cause the situation to escalate. Meanwhile, we should use this time to improve ourselves and learn from this case so that if another pandemic were to happen, everyone would know what to do. This way, the confusion and panic people had will hopefully lessen. With everyone keeping calm, this will slow the virus down and give time for our doctors and scientists to find a solution. I’ve learned lots of new things because of Covid and during Covid. And while this is a horrible time to be in, I did get some good lessons out of this and I’m happy I’ve turned a period of time I hated into something I’m somewhat grateful for.

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Grey is Okay

I edited two pictures from Pixabay. As you can see, they are grey themed. The reason why they are grey themed is because sometimes you can have problems and the solutions are complicated. And sometimes, these solutions are not as easy as black and white but sometimes grey. During these times, I wanted to tell people that even when the whole world is black and white, you can be grey. The color on only some things is because during these times, I want people to focus on people important to you and yourself. Cause no one can hurt you more than yourself.


The Scenery

I am horrible at electronics so please be patient with me. This is a project we had to do for ICT where we edit and try to make our pictures better.

I decided to do the Scenery because these past few days, I’ve learned to be thankful for what Mother Nature provides us. The good scenery is rare and precious. We try to keep it forever as a memory by taking pictures of it. However, maybe the scenery can be a little better with some editing.

My editing was terrible and I am a really bad editor but I hope you like it.