My Passion – History

For most people, a subject like history has been something that they have never liked. It can be tedious, complicated, and it can feel like it’s useless in this modern world where Google and Wikipedia exist. And I can agree with that to some extent that it can be quite boring at times. However, to me history is one of the most fascinating subjects to learn about, and I’m genuinely passionate about it. I believe that history can tell you a lot about the world. The different cultures, ideologies, and places, the state of the world today, what you see in the news, and what happens in politics.

I had always been interested in the topic of history since I was quite young. When my family would travel to different parts of Myanmar, we would always visit historical sites such as ancient Buddhist temples which I was interested in. I would also visit historically significant places when I go to other countries as well. Though I didn’t know much about history back then, it was always intriguing to try and understand the history of these places, as well as the lives of the people who may have affected it. I never really knew about history back then, and much of the ancient history of Myanmar is more based on myths than it is on real history, but I still found it interesting.

When I was young, my family visited places like Bagan, which made me interested in history. (Photo:

My father is also really passionate about history, constantly reading books about it all the time. He has a collection of hundreds of books ranging from all different types of time periods. I sometimes talk with him about history, and I feel like that has also kept me interested about this topic for a long time too. I also have a lot of books on this topic, mainly about general world history and events rather than about a particular person, or a place. Reading, although I find myself doing less of it these days, is still one of my favorite pastimes, and books about history are my favorite non-fiction genre.

Even when spending my free time, I sometimes watch YouTube videos about history, play games that have a historical setting, and also talk to other people about it online. Of course, it’s not just the only thing I do all day, but it’s still something I enjoy doing. There are some aspects and time periods in history that can make great settings in fiction, games, and movies. I enjoy those mediums much like most other people, so by extension I enjoy the blending of both history and entertainment mediums. Not all movies I watch or games I play with a historical background are great, but I think when done well, it can set themselves apart from others in the genre.

Something that I also enjoy exploring is geography, which ties really well into history. Though I find it to have less depth than history because the concept is quite simple. But much like history, it also has shaped the world in a tremendous way.

I have always been interested in history, but I can’t really tell for certain when I first became passionate about the topic. I’ve always been curious about this topic since I was very young. But my first memory of actually learning about history for the first time was when I was in first grade and my school at the time had a book fair. My father bought me a book about general world history. I thought it was weird because I didn’t read non-fiction books back then. But I read it anyway and I found it interesting. Later on that school year, we had a unit on Mesopotamia, one of the world’s earliest civilizations in the fertile crescent. I remember that my teacher back then (whom I have already forgotten the name of) did a really good job at introducing me to the subject, though I can’t really remember what we actually did. Both of these really made me interested in learning more about history.

Reading this book was my first actual experience with history. (Picture here is my own)

Since then most of what I know about history mostly just comes from the internet. Most of it is from Wikipedia, Google searches, documentaries, and especially YouTube videos. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there that cover history in a fun and interesting way that makes the topic easier to understand and easier to approach.

Here are a few history YouTubers that I recommend. (Compiled by me, logos and names are from respective channels)

In fact, most of what I know about history comes from what I learn from the internet. The internet is such a useful tool, since it means that you can get as much information and resources that you possibly need immediately when you want to pursue a passion. I probably won’t know as much about this topic as I would if it wasn’t for the internet. I’ve learned more about history from the internet than I have at school, and I think that’s quite incredible. Although due dates and tests are a powerful driving force, I think that curiosity is also a very powerful driving force for someone to learn something new.

Some historical time periods I was first interested in were popular ones. Ancient Egypt, Rome, Medieval Europe, the World Wars, etc. I am still very familiar with these historical time periods, but recently I’ve been trying to learn more about more obscure time periods and places in history. Places such as pre-colonial Americas, Africa, and Asia that just aren’t really that talked about too often. 

I think that learning more about history is important in trying to have a better understanding and evaluation of the world. Everything around you has its own unique story to tell with endless potential for exploration within the subject. It tells you about how different people and places around the world are the way they are today. History might not always repeat itself, but it does rhyme. And I believe that if you want to understand the world today, looking back at history is important. That’s why I find myself being passionate about history.

Black and white, except it isn’t



I’m glad this turned out like this. I used a technique our teacher Mrs. Kristen tough us. It’s a black and white picture with certain colors popping through. I chose warm colors like red and orange to pop out so it can contrast with the black and white background.


This picture is one I took during the Week Without Walls school trip to Mandalay. These are traditional puppets, and since they are very colorful, I decided to do this on them. Some of them have lots of warm colors on them but some barely have any.


What I did was have two layers. One original one with color and another black and white. Then if you use the eraser tool, the black and white layer will go away and the colored layer will come through. So you can pick and choose which parts of the picture will be colored and others to be black and white. I did this on GIMP which is a photo editing program we all used.


To the Third Trimester and Beyond


So here’s a little bit about myself. I’m Wai Yan Win Aung, I’m 13 years old, and I attend Thalun International School. Currently I’m in 7th grade. I live in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. I have a younger sister who is in 5th grade. I enjoy reading, playing games and watching movies in my free time. My favorite subjects at school are Science and Social Studies.

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Another Blog Post About Wai Yan… Again (Updated)

Hey guys, my name is Wai Yan and I’m from Myanmar. This is a little bit about myself.

I  go to Thalun International School and this is an assignment for computer class. I was born in late 2005 so currently, I’m 12 years old and am in the 7th grade. I like a lot of stuff like playing games, reading books and watching videos. At school, my favorite subjects are Science, History and Geography. I live in Yangon which is the biggest city in Myanmar. I’m also interested in watching YouTube or Movies in my free time. My favorite movie is probably Avengers: Infinity War. I have a lot more favorites but that’s what’s off the top of my head.

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