Hello From The Other Side

Welcome back to school. How was your summer? Was it fun or boring? For me, it was tiring and boring. Well, I’ll be saying to hi to new friends this year.

Hey!  It’s me, Tina. My full name is Saung Thazin Tun but you can call me Tina.  I am a 10th grader at Thalun International School. This is my third year here. I was born on January 15th. My favorite foods are… lots of them.  My favorite thing that I like to do is… EVERYTHING.  I love my friends and they are my life. I got new friends, my newest classmates this year. They are Edward, Zayda, Kim , Eimi and Anjela. They are quitefun and are great friends.  My hobby is going around the world and eating different foods.

My favorite season is Winter because it is cold, but in Yangon it is hot by day but a little bit cold at night. My favorite actor is Siddhartha Nigam. He is an Indian. I enjoy my movies and eating.


Things I love and like

  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • Writing poems
  • Traveling around
  • Chatting with my friends
  • Watching movies
  • Using my phone
  • Taking selfies
  • Making a new friends


A Decent Introduction


Hello! My name is Yong. I am a ninth grader who has just transferred from Pride ISM. I was born on the 13th of January, 2004 and ended up with the most annoying younger brother in the world. But it’s okay.

I was told that I resemble an owl. I love owls in general too. (So the upper pic is meeee!) I just need the sky and a cup of tea to be happy. I am a hyperactive and extroverted type, when you get to know me more.

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About Eimi

My name is Amy Sugiura. I have been staying here in Myanmar for four months.

I have been at the Japanese government school last year.

I am now at this school for this year. This picture  (coming soon) is the best of my collection all of my pictures. They are very powerful and the teacher is very kind.

My favorite subjects are Japanese and Biology because the teachers talk about interesting  things and they are exciting people to me.

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