I did my ever first info-graphic and truth to be told, it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it would be!

Info-graphic (noun): visual representations pertaining graphs, charts, diagrams in which information can be understood through minimal text.

Canva is one of many useful web/apps for any kind of design, and it offers free templates and photos. It was recommended, so I decided to choose Canva as my go-to designing web/app for my first infographic. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t disappointed.

But not everything went easily and smoothly since one of the aspects of an info-graphic was to limit the amount of text and relay information through graphics while the reader would receive the same amount of information.  One of the difficulties I had was deciding what to put in and take out from my info-graphic, which in time was figured out.

Without further ado, feel free to skim my info-graphic down below!


Purple Modern Infographic Resume



My Summer!

gray fish

Photo by Will Wu on


This was one of THE best summers and it was so much fun. I went to South Africa and went to see my grandparents… and my cat… and my cousins.

We planned to go to Hole-in-the-wall for the weekend just after we spent a week in South Africa (-just in case you don’t know what Hole-in-the-wall is, it is near the water and on the beach). Hole-in-the-wall has a long wide stream of water where we can swim, and when we were there, I did not really swim but rather I ate some of the picnic food. It was great! (I don’t want to tell what it was or you’ll be hungry.)

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Another Blog Post About Wai Yan… Again (Updated)

Hey guys, my name is Wai Yan and I’m from Myanmar. This is a little bit about myself.

I  go to Thalun International School and this is an assignment for computer class. I was born in late 2005 so currently, I’m 12 years old and am in the 7th grade. I like a lot of stuff like playing games, reading books and watching videos. At school, my favorite subjects are Science, History and Geography. I live in Yangon which is the biggest city in Myanmar. I’m also interested in watching YouTube or Movies in my free time. My favorite movie is probably Avengers: Infinity War. I have a lot more favorites but that’s what’s off the top of my head.

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Meet Grade 3: Introductions

What is your name? Amara
Where do you come from? Yangon
What are your favorite things to do? Playing Prodigy
What are your biggest strengths? badminton
Tell us a surprising or little known fact about yourself. Last month I fell down into my swimming pool.


Hi my name is Amara. I want a hamster but my mom said I can’t have one. So sometimes I am sad. I have a  big swimming pool and a big house. Today I will swim. Tomorrow when I come back home I will swim and call my friends.

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