Grey is Okay

I edited two pictures from Pixabay. As you can see, they are grey themed. The reason why they are grey themed is because sometimes you can have problems and the solutions are complicated. And sometimes, these solutions are not as easy as black and white but sometimes grey. During these times, I wanted to tell people that even when the whole world is black and white, you can be grey. The color on only some things is because during these times, I want people to focus on people important to you and yourself. Cause no one can hurt you more than yourself.


Be your own star

B2AFD2E8-4F47-4387-A0F9-DA689CC82242 2.JPEG

My description for the picture:
The point of this picture is to show that people shouldn’t just wish on a shooting star and hope it comes true. This is because you can grant your own wish. For example, my wish was to be really good at basketball. I have to say, I’ve been getting much better than I was in the 7th grade, reaching things I couldn’t reach before. But all of that was through hard work. Always have faith and hope. Yeah, enjoy. Oh and if you don’t think I’ve gotten better than before, come and play with me and see if you can beat me. Oh and Thora helped me too with this picture. So thank her too for the idea!

Evil In Disguise

Final AKK.

This is a digital illustration of a combination of AKK and Terminator. I used Photoshop to merge these two pictures together. I got the inspiration by thinking about how to split AKK apart to make a surreal effect. Then I thought of Photoshop because it is convenient to use and its functions are decent to navigate. All the pictures in this illustration are either royalty-free or I took them myself. Furthermore, I turned AKK into a black and white image in order to contrast between the skin tone and the color of robotic structures.

Finally a Fan Art After Sleeping for My Whole Life

Heya, I am back lol! This is just an edit of BTS (ugh always ikr). This took me almost a day to draw the details and shadings of the picture. This is the picture I was inspired by  below.


As for the apps I used Medibang ( which is almost the same as GIMP) and Picsart which provides a variety of free stickers and paints for me to create this art.

That’s it. lol Hope you enjoy!!!


Just an Edit

So honestly, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this project but the final result turned out pretty good so I’m not mad. I decided to do an edit of some of the closest friends I’ve made ever since I came to thalun because they are some of the best people I know and they are the reasons why I’m glad I came to this school. I never saw myself leaving network but i’m glad I did and i’m glad that I met the people I have because they are all amazing, kinda cheesy but whatever.

However, this edit, if I’m Being honest wasn’t my first choice. I had a second project which I did and was pretty decent as well but although it was great and all I still decided to go with this one because this had more color, more contrast and more personality. This is the final result of my edit and I hope you guys love it.