Website Design -Grade 8

Over the past few weeks, students have been working on creating high quality web content, learning about site navigation and user-friendly features, and creating and curating the best original visual content for their own personal websites. Students are using the free website builder Wix and will be able to add to and enhance their websites moving forward.

Come see what we are up to by clicking the students’ links:

Thora -Grade 8

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.00.21 AM

More student work this way…

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Social Media Graphics -Grades 8, 9, & 10

In ICT class students found some favorite quotes and learned to present them in visual form, in particular for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Students focused on message clarity, graphic dimensions, font choices, contrast, layout, choosing imagery that supports the text, color scheme, and impact.

Here are a few examples from grades 8, 9, and 10: (*Click to enlarge)


Created by: Htet Paing,  Tet Naing Soe,  Hikari Tsuneyoshi, John Wai Yan Lin, Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin, and AKK Aung Khant Kyaw