The Cat

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I have an image that the cat was stroking someone’s head.

I was tired at the end of the day.  I sighed when I arrived at home.

And then, the cat was stroking my head.

I felt the cat said “Good work. You did your best today.”

I then thought, “I will do my best tomorrow too.”

I tried to make the image like a black and white movie because the background is nostalgic.

We don’t know this cat’s real color so, we can think freely.

Putting Together

For this project, I was at first, in trouble. I’ve only ever edited pictures together. So, I started looking through the pictures I had and stumbled upon a photo I had taken over the summer of an airplane window. Underneath was the vast ocean – clear blue. Then, an idea struck me – what if I combined the four elements? So, that was what I did.

Most of the pictures were taken by me, – the fire was a sticker that can be found on PicsArt.