The Cat

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I have an image that the cat was stroking someone’s head.

I was tired at the end of the day.  I sighed when I arrived at home.

And then, the cat was stroking my head.

I felt the cat said “Good work. You did your best today.”

I then thought, “I will do my best tomorrow too.”

I tried to make the image like a black and white movie because the background is nostalgic.

We don’t know this cat’s real color so, we can think freely.

Putting Together

For this project, I was at first, in trouble. I’ve only ever edited pictures together. So, I started looking through the pictures I had and stumbled upon a photo I had taken over the summer of an airplane window. Underneath was the vast ocean – clear blue. Then, an idea struck me – what if I combined the four elements? So, that was what I did.

Most of the pictures were taken by me, – the fire was a sticker that can be found on PicsArt.


PowToon Animations -Grades 10 & 11

Students planned and created an original PowToon from scratch. The goal was to utilize sound in an intelligent way.
Their options were: A.) Make a “How To” Video With Voice-over. *Teach us how to do something or educate us on something.  B.) Make a Music Video for Original Music or a Soundscape YOU Created C.) Take Your Recent Soundscape Project and Add the Visuals.

Mary -Grade 11

“For this project, I wanted to create a mixed-media type of video so I used two mobile apps, royalty free audio and visuals, my own photographs and audio, and hand-drawn sketches. I used Pics Art and Line Camera to sketch the visuals while the audio was recorded raw in a bathroom. Then, I used Wondershare Filmora to add the lyrics and sync the visuals with the audio. I hope it made you feel something (this is 9 hours of patience). :’)”

Hailey -Grade 11

This is an animation about myself. I used video show, PowToon, and some royalty free music found in PowToon. I sketched each of the pictures and recorded my own voice too!”

More student work this way…

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Soundscape Projects -Grades 10 and 11

Students were given the inspiration and freedom to create a project that utilizes only sound. They worked with or created original music, sound effects, voice-overs, and manufactured sounds. Soundscapes can be a narrative story that only uses sound, it can be abstract, it can be experimental, or it can be musical, or it can be a combination of all of these.

John -Grade 11
“I used two free software programs: LMMS and Bandlab. I did not use any other resources, apart from these.”
Listen to “Over the Shrine”:

Zayda Rose -Grade 10
“I used this for background music: Tomorrow by Benjamin Tissot (BenSound)”
Listen to “Shooting”:


More student work this way…

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