When you try so hard…

I thought I was done. But it was the moment that everything started, again (Honestly, more like *It was at this moment, that John knew, he messed up*). While I was putting the frames that I drew using GIMP, into the animation software “Synfig Studio,” the plugin “GIMP to Synfig” failed to work correctly. As cautious as I am, I read through all the possible forums and documentations on that error code to solve it; I had no luck. I found one very vague and underutilized solution though, but writing and modifying your OWN scripts for GIMP in Python? I wouldn’t risk all the data on my entire laptop just for experimenting with a system file. So I sat down on my chair, wondering about nothing more. Just like that, for half an hour.

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Color is just a color.

hailey's ict

Since I was young, I’ve seen many racial issues play out throughout the world. Although I never supported racist ideas, I also didn’t give myself time to think about it deeply enough. It seemed like a story that had no connection with me.

However, as I grow older and meet different kinds of people, I have gotten many chances to put myself in their shoes. The words engraved on history books, showing the tragic past that many innocent people had to suffer, poignantly motivated me to do something that could ameliorate and comfort their pain– I ended up making this image.

I believe in God, a creator of every living thing on earth. And I have no doubt that each and every human being is equally valuable. Classifying people according to their skin colors is totally ridiculous, and if anyone around you does that please don’t hesitate to tell him or her the truth: skin color is nothing, but just a color.

PowToon Animations -Grades 10 & 11

Students planned and created an original PowToon from scratch. The goal was to utilize sound in an intelligent way.
Their options were: A.) Make a “How To” Video With Voice-over. *Teach us how to do something or educate us on something.  B.) Make a Music Video for Original Music or a Soundscape YOU Created C.) Take Your Recent Soundscape Project and Add the Visuals.

Mary -Grade 11

“For this project, I wanted to create a mixed-media type of video so I used two mobile apps, royalty free audio and visuals, my own photographs and audio, and hand-drawn sketches. I used Pics Art and Line Camera to sketch the visuals while the audio was recorded raw in a bathroom. Then, I used Wondershare Filmora to add the lyrics and sync the visuals with the audio. I hope it made you feel something (this is 9 hours of patience). :’)”

Hailey -Grade 11

This is an animation about myself. I used video show, PowToon, and some royalty free music found in PowToon. I sketched each of the pictures and recorded my own voice too!”

More student work this way…

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Soundscape Projects -Grades 10 and 11

Students were given the inspiration and freedom to create a project that utilizes only sound. They worked with or created original music, sound effects, voice-overs, and manufactured sounds. Soundscapes can be a narrative story that only uses sound, it can be abstract, it can be experimental, or it can be musical, or it can be a combination of all of these.

John -Grade 11
“I used two free software programs: LMMS and Bandlab. I did not use any other resources, apart from these.”
Listen to “Over the Shrine”:

Zayda Rose -Grade 10
“I used this for background music: Tomorrow by Benjamin Tissot (BenSound)”
Listen to “Shooting”:


More student work this way…

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A Summer of Learning

Staying home for the whole summer, I thought that I would be doing nothing, but wasting time on games and anime. I wouldn’t say this was an unproductive summer, since I did extensive research on colleges and universities (I can literally counsel someone about their future). I also learned to get windows 10 for free (legally) on any computer and with a little more tinkering, I also learned how to activate it (legally).

I also started to realize what I was interested in, thus directly leading to the answers for the questions: Where am I going after I finish school? What major (s) do I choose? What profession do I pursue in the future?

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