6th Grade Goal Animations

In ICT class we are learning animation, design, and visual communication. Recently each student created a “Goals Animation” using the free online animation software Powtoon.

Here are the results of our first experiment. Click on each student’s name to also see their biography.


Hi ! Today I’m going to show you my goals and dreams.

All people have goals and dreams. We all are making our dreams come true. We all might have been wild and crazy when we were younger but now is the time to make our dreams come true.

I hope you enjoy!

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The Most Endangered Animal Ever? The Sumarian Rhino

Sumarian Rhino

Illustrated by Wai Yan Win Aung

Drawing of the Sumarian Rhino by me using the drawing and editing tool Gimp.

My friend John is an animal expert. He watches National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and those other animal related channels. He always says that Rhinos are one of the most endangered animals in the world.

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