Hello there. I am Baby as you might know.

So, I am guessing you like to listen music as much as I do. Have you ever been in that state that you are listening to music but it is very loud and people around you can hear it? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Ever sing while listening to the music? Haha high five (you didn’t give Baby a high five). Oh um… Ok (._.). Anyways this is an infographic about how much music I listen to in a week. Hope you enjoy! ❤



OK, Pop? OH, K-POP!

Get it? Well, yeah, it’s an infographic. I went for a very simple speaker-ish theme for, hopefully, a very obvious reason. Yeah, I spend a lot of time just watching K-Pop everything. I would like to express my admiration for K-Pop overall with this visual graphic of some of the groups I like. There are so many but I simply cannot bother to write them all down. So, that’s probably it.

Also, I made a brighter white version because I couldn’t decide which version was better.