Black and white, except it isn’t



I’m glad this turned out like this. I used a technique our teacher Mrs. Kristen tough us. It’s a black and white picture with certain colors popping through. I chose warm colors like red and orange to pop out so it can contrast with the black and white background.


This picture is one I took during the Week Without Walls school trip to Mandalay. These are traditional puppets, and since they are very colorful, I decided to do this on them. Some of them have lots of warm colors on them but some barely have any.


What I did was have two layers. One original one with color and another black and white. Then if you use the eraser tool, the black and white layer will go away and the colored layer will come through. So you can pick and choose which parts of the picture will be colored and others to be black and white. I did this on GIMP which is a photo editing program we all used.


pepsi or coke

girl in blue sweater – Hazel (G-7)

It’s a controversial topic. I just needed an introduction. But like actually though, do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? I personally enjoy Pepsi over the original Coke but you really can’t go wrong with Coke Zero Sugar.

This piece is simple. Simpler than I wanted it to be, aheh. I tend to procrastinate. Like all the time. I did this in like 20 minutes, aheh. Hey at least I got it in before the deadline.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. My classmate John had brought his deer headpiece. I don’t know if its supposed to be called a mask or a headpiece or whatever.

I just drew on the image. I actually tried to make it more interesting but NOTHING WAS WORKING.

But likes that’s it, I guess.