pepsi or coke

girl in blue sweater – Hazel (G-7)

It’s a controversial topic. I just needed an introduction. But like actually though, do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? I personally enjoy Pepsi over the original Coke but you really can’t go wrong with Coke Zero Sugar.

This piece is simple. Simpler than I wanted it to be, aheh. I tend to procrastinate. Like all the time. I did this in like 20 minutes, aheh. Hey at least I got it in before the deadline.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. My classmate John had brought his deer headpiece. I don’t know if its supposed to be called a mask or a headpiece or whatever.

I just drew on the image. I actually tried to make it more interesting but NOTHING WAS WORKING.

But likes that’s it, I guess.

Digital Image

My picture is a ball. I made a colorful picture. I turned the hue chroma down and it made these pink/purplish colors. Then I used the eraser to erase the ball so the ball turns into the original color. And I also adjusted the people in the picture. I also used a friend’s phone to take the picture.

Godzilla and Other Mythical Creatures

IMG_20190302_200544 (2)

My illustration is done in Adobe Draw. So, you may not know that I like King Kong, Godzilla, and whatnot. So you could say I like mystical creatures. When I was young I always thought of drawing a professional digital image of what I liked. Now that dream has come true. It makes sense, right?

I always draw these on paper with pencil and I have to admit that digital art is easier. It is just tracing and I am proud of my drawing. Here are some extra credit pictures.

pixil-frame-0 (15)IMG_20190305_131732 (1)