Click to Cringe….

Hey so here’s a project that cuts my thread. Actually it’s a video of us ( Swe Yee, Cherry, and Thora) trying to make a video animation with us in it! Although we planned to do an original music video with our own composition, unfortunately we ran out of time, instead it turned out to be more like a fan edit kind of concept, except we aren’t celebrities nor are we considered legit fans of the singer of the song we used. Just like the title, click to cringe, I mean it. Continue reading

Shuriken No Jutsu



I have been watching a whole lot of anime. Especially Naruto, so I tried to recreate the most iconic weapon used in those anime series. To fulfill my fantasies, I have created a real life shuriken by the 3d printer in the computer lab. Also I made a GIF image to show the rotation of the smoking shuriken. I use blender to model every parts of the shuriken and also to render the format. It was pretty hard to model at first but once I learnt it I had so much fun creating objects as much as I can imagine.

Be your own star

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My description for the picture:
The point of this picture is to show that people shouldn’t just wish on a shooting star and hope it comes true. This is because you can grant your own wish. For example, my wish was to be really good at basketball. I have to say, I’ve been getting much better than I was in the 7th grade, reaching things I couldn’t reach before. But all of that was through hard work. Always have faith and hope. Yeah, enjoy. Oh and if you don’t think I’ve gotten better than before, come and play with me and see if you can beat me. Oh and Thora helped me too with this picture. So thank her too for the idea!


Just an Edit

So honestly, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this project but the final result turned out pretty good so I’m not mad. I decided to do an edit of some of the closest friends I’ve made ever since I came to thalun because they are some of the best people I know and they are the reasons why I’m glad I came to this school. I never saw myself leaving network but i’m glad I did and i’m glad that I met the people I have because they are all amazing, kinda cheesy but whatever.

However, this edit, if I’m Being honest wasn’t my first choice. I had a second project which I did and was pretty decent as well but although it was great and all I still decided to go with this one because this had more color, more contrast and more personality. This is the final result of my edit and I hope you guys love it.

Warning! Mark is Lagging

Well… you guys might know the Internet in Yangon is pretty slow, so you guys can relate  to the fact that I am lagging in this photo right? Anyway, this photo was taken by me in my room and I transformed that into this version by using GIMP. I am a little bit familiar with it now as I was using it almost every day during break. But there’s a lot left to learn from GIMP and it’s a very interesting app to use ( I recommend you use it).


I got this idea by watching some horror movies and while I was playing games on my phone ( It’s lagging!!! ). The image quality is kinda bad but that’s a good photo that I took. And by the way, the background is pretty dry just like the weather here. It’s also dry and very hot so take care! I would like to say bye to end this blog post here and will see you guys again in next blog post. Bye!!!

Illustration Of Nina

2019-02-26 22 22 27

Hi! This is my illustration based on when I went to the aquarium. I used ibisPaint. My favorite animal is a penguin, because they are very cute. My heart will heal when I see them.

I learned animation and sound design in ICT class. I lived in Japan one year ago. There was no ICT class at my Japanese school. I didn’t know how to use Google and how to turn on a personal computer. The animation and sound projects were very hard for me at Thalun. But these were so much fun. So I would like to make an animation again in the third trimester.

It’s Meh!

HEYYY!  How is everyone doing? Great? Glad to hear it. Ehhh… I have nothing to talk about. *insert awkward laugh*

I know you are bored but I have seriously nothing to entertain you with. So please just look at my masterpiece. I spent way too many days drawing this illustration.59B3BE7D-563D-4366-A519-100CADE823DD (1)