How does Ricky Spend His Evenings? Well, It’s All Here!

Hello dear Readers, we meet again! Today I will be presenting my info-graphic of how I manage and spend my time after school. To be honest, these days we were picked up late so well, its not so accurate. (XD)




Mostly I either stay at school and play soccer or go swimming. Sometimes we go to our garden and check out how everything is going. Every since high school began, NO MORE GAME TIME! The studies are longer and more complicated. There you have it, why studies is the king. We also go out and have dinners like Pizza, Ramen, Salads..etc..

This is just something I often do throughout the week after school.


A Personal Infographic

It looks a bit too pink, doesn’t it?

I’ve noticed drastic changes in my taste in music, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to organize and really view all my interests in a clear, orderly way.  I saw the opportunity, then I took it. Below is an infographic that roughly covers my musical interests through a very minimal approach. Enjoy. 🙂

3d modeling.jpg

Being in the Cell of My Phone

Ever since technology rose, the addiction to our phones has become a problem for some people. We seem to be a victim of the cell phones that control our mind, reminding us to wake up, providing us with the ability to text with people, socialize, study, kill time with games, and especially take photos. In this infographic, you get to take a dive into the world of my phone usage and what I like to use it for.


Phone usage(1)

Brain’s “Program”

My mind is occupied by…

My brain does plenty of tasks for me, and I’m grateful for that. However, it is somewhat disconcerting that my mind know my acts, my thoughts…….and my secrets!

I once doubted that my mind is manipulating me to do everything. Eventually, I learned to observe my brain and collect data in order to do proper research of my brain’s activities.

And this time, I can expose my brain’s secret by creating an infographic…..

I’m currently cooperating with my brain so it can improve its working system and develop more organizing strategies.


James Louis K. Stevenson (2)



That’s My Way. #lityo

Yo! Guys, I had a lil’ fun with my infographic here. This is what I do during my weekdays and weekends. I hope you will find it fun!  So, as you know, my name is James… so it’s my way! Aye!

comes after (1).jpg

Well, as you can see up there, that’s actually a legit representation of how I go through weekdays.

I really love sports but I give more time for my homework because you know… 9th grade! It was mentioned in my latest blog post as well. Your grades count now!

Basketball is my thing, and I enjoy it as much as soccer!                                                          As you can see I spend 25% of my time for each because I actually do them equally.  In a way, they both help me to study and to refresh myself. I spend time at church as well so it’s all the same during weekend.

I hope you guys enjoy what you saw up there!