Evil In Disguise

Final AKK.

This is a digital illustration of a combination of AKK and Terminator. I used Photoshop to merge these two pictures together. I got the inspiration by thinking about how to split AKK apart to make a surreal effect. Then I thought of Photoshop because it is convenient to use and its functions are decent to navigate. All the pictures in this illustration are either royalty-free or I took them myself. Furthermore, I turned AKK into a black and white image in order to contrast between the skin tone and the color of robotic structures.



Hey guys. I am back with my digital edit on this combined picture of myself and a picture of a shoe logo (Kyrie Irving) on my shoe box. I had some problems at first with editing but it turned out decently!

( ALL RIGHTS TO ITS OWNER ) Nike company and Kyrie Ivring (THE LOGO DESIGN)

Special thanks to Ms. Kristen! Hope y’all enjoy #peace


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Finally a Fan Art After Sleeping for My Whole Life

Heya, I am back lol! This is just an edit of BTS (ugh always ikr). This took me almost a day to draw the details and shadings of the picture. This is the picture I was inspired by  below.


As for the apps I used Medibang ( which is almost the same as GIMP) and Picsart which provides a variety of free stickers and paints for me to create this art.

That’s it. lol Hope you enjoy!!!

A Ray of Bros in the Sky

Have you ever looked up at the sky and dreamed about all the things that you ever wanted. In this image you can see a bunch of heads everywhere. But they are not just any heads, they are the heads of my classmates; friends. These are some of the few people I appreciate and love in my life. I adore my friends and appreciate every moment they spend with me.  They are a dream come true and this is what the image above represents. As Shakespeare once said.” I count myself in nothing else so happy As in a soul remembering my good friends.”

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