No, I don’t have twin sisters.

These pictures were taken last December when I went on a trip with my close friends to Bagan. I’ve always wanted to capture different moments in one picture, but it was somehow onerous. But thanks to Gimp, I have successfully juxtaposed my different selves in one place. As you can see, I’m making three different postures and facial expressions in each part.

Gimp was hard to use until I finally found out how everything works. I’m definitely sure I’ll be continuously using this program in the future!


A Course in Bending Reality -Stop Motion Mania!

Thalun ICT students in grades 6-10 have been playing with reality by learning how to make toys and favorite video game characters come to life, turn their friends into powerful magicians,  send rockets into outer space, create mysterious self-solving puzzles, and invent pizza that gobbles itself up. (Clean-up still required!)


Opaque by Jonathan Tayza Shwe -Grade 10


Though the end-of-the-trimester fairy is about to come and hit pause on another school year, students have been busy making props, characters, and sets for their own stop motion animated films in ICT class.

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Nyan Htoo The Moon Bear

The following illustration below portrays Nyan Htoo, an Asiatic Black Bear or Moon Bear, who had just undergone the painful surgery of the removal of his three kilogram tongue last year.

Drawn by Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin

Drawn by Sabrina Kyi Myat Noe Khin

He was rescued by a group of monks in Myanmar who halted his journey to China, where the bile from a bear’s gallbladder is used for traditional medicine.

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