Don’t Read

Hello people! If you are reading this then you have nothing better to do with your life. My name is Hazel and I was born in Florida, USA and moved to Yangon, Myanmar when I was 3 years old. While I was living in Yangon I used to go to a school called Yangon Academy with Charming and some other students from Thalun before I moved again. This time I moved to Vancouver, Canada to start grade 4. Then, for the last time I hope, I moved back to Yangon after grade 6 but this time I didn’t go back to YA. I came to Thalun because a lot of YA students and teachers were here.

If you are still reading this I am going to talk about the things I love. I am absolutely obsessed with K-pop, anime (because of Tomoe and his fabulous hair), and Webtoon. If anyone insults my beautiful K-pop, I WILL SMACK THEM. And by reading this you will know I am kinda violent but I am also a pretty happy person since I crush people with hugs and sometimes smile too much till my face starts hurting.

I have nothing more to talk about… But if you read this to the end CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have wasted a few minutes of your life:)



How does Ricky Spend His Evenings? Well, It’s All Here!

Hello dear Readers, we meet again! Today I will be presenting my info-graphic of how I manage and spend my time after school. To be honest, these days we were picked up late so well, its not so accurate. (XD)




Mostly I either stay at school and play soccer or go swimming. Sometimes we go to our garden and check out how everything is going. Every since high school began, NO MORE GAME TIME! The studies are longer and more complicated. There you have it, why studies is the king. We also go out and have dinners like Pizza, Ramen, Salads..etc..

This is just something I often do throughout the week after school.



I did my ever first info-graphic and truth to be told, it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it would be!

Info-graphic (noun): visual representations pertaining graphs, charts, diagrams in which information can be understood through minimal text.

Canva is one of many useful web/apps for any kind of design, and it offers free templates and photos. It was recommended, so I decided to choose Canva as my go-to designing web/app for my first infographic. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t disappointed.

But not everything went easily and smoothly since one of the aspects of an info-graphic was to limit the amount of text and relay information through graphics while the reader would receive the same amount of information.  One of the difficulties I had was deciding what to put in and take out from my info-graphic, which in time was figured out.

Without further ado, feel free to skim my info-graphic down below!


Purple Modern Infographic Resume



“Mary Uses Pastel Colors Too Much”

Oh my God, I’m finally done!

After five consecutive hours of sketching from scratch with a Stylus pen I borrowed from a friend, I’m fiNALLy DoNe! (Thanks, Zayda!)

To be completely honest, of course I procrastinated, not knowing sketching digitally would take a much longer time than pencil on paper. As you can see below, I drew an infographic about myself where my thoughts are represented by my hypothetical creations of landmarks and physical landscapes.

In simple terms, it’s a map of my brain but not the literal brain, if you know what I mean.  It’s pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy my not-so-neat artwork completed in some intense hours of immense concentration. 。^‿^。

(*Psst, try guessing the names of different parts of the brain if you’re a Psych student!)



A Closer Look…

Designing this infographic was fairly simple, although deciding on the actual design took a substantial amount of time – it taught me that sometimes, over-complicating every detail is just not worth it. This infographic includes some new perspectives of my life you may have never thought existed; perspectives that portray who I am not just as a student, but as a person. Like the title states, try to take a closer look at the data. You may, perhaps, learn something completely new…

Infographic final.jpg