Color is just a color.

hailey's ict

Since I was young, I’ve seen many racial issues play out throughout the world. Although I never supported racist ideas, I also didn’t give myself time to think about it deeply enough. It seemed like a story that had no connection with me.

However, as I grow older and meet different kinds of people, I have gotten many chances to put myself in their shoes. The words engraved on history books, showing the tragic past that many innocent people had to suffer, poignantly motivated me to do something that could ameliorate and comfort their pain– I ended up making this image.

I believe in God, a creator of every living thing on earth. And I have no doubt that each and every human being is equally valuable. Classifying people according to their skin colors is totally ridiculous, and if anyone around you does that please don’t hesitate to tell him or her the truth: skin color is nothing, but just a color.

The Typical Asian Girl


I used to be the kind of student who HATES Math and Literature. I used to be the kind of student who would procrastinate everything until I got beaten up. I remember once in the 2nd Grade my family and I came back from the beach. I knew that I had homework to do and I just left it at that. But while I was watching “Frozen,” my mom came into the room waving a wooden stick. From that day on, I would spent hours and hours at my desk, not daring to leave my chair.

I used to be that student who called my Math tutor “Adolf Hitler” just because she would teach me for more than one hour of Math. I used to be the kind of student who would be happy when they got over 70 on a math test.  In fact, I wouldn’t worry too much if I got as low as a 40 on my math test. But that was the old me.

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Sr Nick in the House! *smacks table*


Are you looking for a 12 year old boy who goes to a new private school and likes french fries (extra salty), Pocket Mortys, Youtube, and anime? Well, you’re in the wrong place, because that last one and I do NOT go together. But if you’re looking for someone who likes the first three, you’re in luck. I also like Sr Pelo, writing, Bowmasters, and much more (well, a few more I guess)! If you want to find out more, then click the Continue Reading.

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