Click to Cringe….

Hey so here’s a project that cuts my thread. Actually it’s a video of us ( Swe Yee, Cherry, and Thora) trying to make a video animation with us in it! Although we planned to do an original music video with our own composition, unfortunately we ran out of time, instead it turned out to be more like a fan edit kind of concept, except we aren’t celebrities nor are we considered legit fans of the singer of the song we used. Just like the title, click to cringe, I mean it. Continue reading

The Young Man

This short video was made by Augustin, Matthew, and John. It is about a deaf man and his two friends. There are three characters in the video. They are: Bob Raj played by John, Arkbar played by Augustin, and Barbark played by Matthew

To split the work we did one main thing each. Matthew wrote the script, John edited the video, and Augustin edited the script and wrote this blog post.

Link to the Video:

A Course in Bending Reality -Stop Motion Mania!

Thalun ICT students in grades 6-10 have been playing with reality by learning how to make toys and favorite video game characters come to life, turn their friends into powerful magicians,  send rockets into outer space, create mysterious self-solving puzzles, and invent pizza that gobbles itself up. (Clean-up still required!)


Opaque by Jonathan Tayza Shwe -Grade 10


Though the end-of-the-trimester fairy is about to come and hit pause on another school year, students have been busy making props, characters, and sets for their own stop motion animated films in ICT class.

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