The Typical Asian Girl


I used to be the kind of student who HATES Math and Literature. I used to be the kind of student who would procrastinate everything until I got beaten up. I remember once in the 2nd Grade my family and I came back from the beach. I knew that I had homework to do and I just left it at that. But while I was watching “Frozen,” my mom came into the room waving a wooden stick. From that day on, I would spent hours and hours at my desk, not daring to leave my chair.

I used to be that student who called my Math tutor “Adolf Hitler” just because she would teach me for more than one hour of Math. I used to be the kind of student who would be happy when they got over 70 on a math test.  In fact, I wouldn’t worry too much if I got as low as a 40 on my math test. But that was the old me.

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Sr Nick in the House! *smacks table*


Are you looking for a 12 year old boy who goes to a new private school and likes french fries (extra salty), Pocket Mortys, Youtube, and anime? Well, you’re in the wrong place, because that last one and I do NOT go together. But if you’re looking for someone who likes the first three, you’re in luck. I also like Sr Pelo, writing, Bowmasters, and much more (well, a few more I guess)! If you want to find out more, then click the Continue Reading.

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insert self-deprecating title here

I was told to write a paragraph about myself. When writing about myself, I don’t like to go the traditional route of writing. Instead, I like to directly talk to the reader…sometimes even mess with them. For example, if you look back at the last few lines, you’ll see that there was a mistake that slipped right over your head.

See it yet? Well you shouldn’t have because there was no mistake! Sorry if you think this is cheesy. This is going on a blog so I need to make it fun. At this point, you should probably stop reading because it’s going to get BORING!

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