Amaranthine Sunsets.



Okay so apparently I’ve messed up the project because I thought the project had an option to pick any desired design, but I thought wrong, hence Juan improvises 😛

The image posted above, is made using the program using Gimp, since it’s a more simple and less complex app. The background was taken during my one week stay in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 11.

What inspired me to pick the composition, is a rather more minimal but a 3 dimensional type of artwork that only took me 4 hours to make. Since the jacket has a pattern on it, it would take longer so I decided to find a color scheme and put the appropriate colors to balance out the theme.

The meaning of “Amaranthine”, comes from the Greek word “Amarantos”, meaning “Immortal”, “Unfading”, and the word “Anthos” means “Flower”. The other meaning of “Amaranthine” would also mean the color of a violet-red.

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