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We are an International School located in Yangon, Myanmar. This blog is a collaboration between Thalun secondary students (grades 7-11) and their teachers. Please check back often to learn more about us and to read our posts.  You can also find our class links and see a detailed week by week lesson plan of what we are learning here.

Be your own star

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My description for the picture:
The point of this picture is to show that people shouldn’t just wish on a shooting star and hope it comes true. This is because you can grant your own wish. For example, my wish was to be really good at basketball. I have to say, I’ve been getting much better than I was in the 7th grade, reaching things I couldn’t reach before. But all of that was through hard work. Always have faith and hope. Yeah, enjoy. Oh and if you don’t think I’ve gotten better than before, come and play with me and see if you can beat me. Oh and Thora helped me too with this picture. So thank her too for the idea!

A Bundle of Love, Wrapped in Fur…

As teenagers, we go through tons of stuff that need not to be told. We long for peace and just LOVE! I am so grateful to have a chance to keep a pet dog. We all have different kinds of pets but I believe dogs are the most eligible ones. (COME AT ME CAT-LOVERS!) Here is MoPhyu in a double exposure picture and just have fun guys! Find what you love and cherish with your heart. To end of, here’s my fav dog quote: “Life’s short, hug your dog“.

Evil In Disguise

Final AKK.

This is a digital illustration of a combination of AKK and Terminator. I used Photoshop to merge these two pictures together. I got the inspiration by thinking about how to split AKK apart to make a surreal effect. Then I thought of Photoshop because it is convenient to use and its functions are decent to navigate. All the pictures in this illustration are either royalty-free or I took them myself. Furthermore, I turned AKK into a black and white image in order to contrast between the skin tone and the color of robotic structures.



Hey guys. I am back with my digital edit on this combined picture of myself and a picture of a shoe logo (Kyrie Irving) on my shoe box. I had some problems at first with editing but it turned out decently!

( ALL RIGHTS TO ITS OWNER ) Nike company and Kyrie Ivring (THE LOGO DESIGN)

Special thanks to Ms. Kristen! Hope y’all enjoy #peace


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Finally a Fan Art After Sleeping for My Whole Life

Heya, I am back lol! This is just an edit of BTS (ugh always ikr). This took me almost a day to draw the details and shadings of the picture. This is the picture I was inspired by  below.


As for the apps I used Medibang ( which is almost the same as GIMP) and Picsart which provides a variety of free stickers and paints for me to create this art.

That’s it. lol Hope you enjoy!!!