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We are an International School located in Yangon, Myanmar. This blog is a collaboration between Thalun secondary students (grades 7-11) and their teachers. Please check back often to learn more about us and to read our posts.  You can also find our class links and see a detailed week by week lesson plan of what we are learning here.

~;-;~ My Rainy Summer ~;-;~

If you were in Yangon over the summer you would have seen a lot of rain. It’s pretty boring over the summer holidays. Anyway, I went to Maungmagan Beach, Dawei which is at the bottom part of Myanmar. The beach is so stormy. Also the wind is so cold and so strong.  You will see in the photo. I just ate, swam, slept, and played games. That’s how I spent my holidays.


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The Unexceptional Summer of Terrence


June 6th was the last day of school of the previous school year, but I really enjoyed my summer. After school closed, I got to do some fun hings like Arts and Music. Also my family and I decided to go to Bangkok. We went to Bangkok for  week with TG Airlines. I was really surprised because I saw Mr.Sabo in Bangkok. He was at a McDonald’s. I don’t think he remembered me. LOL.

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