A Usually “Outstanding” Person.

I am usually very outstanding. I don’t think there is another word that describes me as effectively as “outstanding”.

My name is Thora. My full name is Thora Thandar Aung. I am a typical 13 year-old female student with a typical female Asian life.  I spent 1/4 of my life in Paris, a city in France. Why? Because I was born there. But unfortunately I moved to Yangon after living in France for three years. And no. I do NOT SPEAK FRENCH. Yes. Shame on me. But hey, look on the bright side. (There is no bright side!)

As you kept on reading , you’ll probably realize that I am a pessimist. I am a person who expects the worst. But for me, being a pessimist doesn’t mean that I’m nothing but negative. For me it means that I’m prepared for any negativity (or maybe something else) that comes my way. I guess I should thank my past for that.

Speaking about my past, I loved to read books. (*Past tense.) During my elementary school years all I worried about was if I would run out of books to read. As the years passed, my love of reading began to diminish, while my love of sports began to  increase.

Nowadays, I only read books when I’m trying to fall asleep really fast. I hear from my friends that I am good at arguing.

I won’t talk about my middle school years because I’m still living them. But here’s the thing I am well aware of that keeps taking over me. My laziness, my addiction of Korean and Chinese idols, and my urge to get a wand and wizardry powers like Harry Potter. Like I said, I am outstanding.

As I was observing my schoolmates’ blog posts, I realized that some people had quotes that had inspired them in their posts. So I figured that I would add one too.

This is the quote that influences me the most:

“I give, what I get”


Like the quote above, I also give back what I get. Therefore, most people might say that I have several personalities. That’s true. I give back, what I get.



A memory of my friends and I during Thadingyut, a festival in Myanmar. I am the last one in the back.










3 thoughts on “A Usually “Outstanding” Person.

  1. Hi Thora. Thanks for your post. You needed to email me first before publishing, but I went in and edited it for you. Please don’t forget to add an image. It doesn’t have to be a photo of you though. Thanks! Happy New Year!


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