Bland To Colorful

Okay, think twice… scroll down… I am truly warning you. I’ve said this several times in my previous blog posts. If you don’t listen and read anyway, I am not responsible for your boredom and wasted time reading a blog post about me ranting on about the changes going on in my life. (Not that there’s much, so truly, I am out of ideas).

OK… now to the point… like the title, my life is slowly progressing from bland to colorful. Government test….over………burden…..finally lifted off my shoulders.

For those of you who don’t know what I mean by government test, I’m sure AKK has mentioned it somewhere in his blog post and I don’t want to explain so skedaddle over to his blog post and read it. Anyway, my days that have been previously marked by answering the test is over for now and I am trying to have fun and live life while I still can before I am swallowed into the abysmal darkness of the tenth grade government test.

So… I actually having fun and living my life? Well…… yes. More breaks at home from work for an entire two months and more time with my iPad, luckily. I’ve barely been able to use it before so I am happy. I think I am finally seeing some light and color here after walking through planes of black and white. So it’s from bland to color……. for now.

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