Reflections and Jubilation

Alright, I need to take a breather. More words do not necessarily mean better sense, in fact, words become shallower the more you preach. Coming back to the reflections, I think it is about time I talk about how proud I am of how Thalun handled Covid-19 as well as the Coup. 

I was nearing the end of 10th grade when the global pandemic struck, pushing us all into the realm of online learning. AP came up very soon, but Collegeboard’s decision to make it online relieved many burdens. But days turn to weeks and months turn to years as we continued to stay behind screens to continue our studies. Just like that, my junior year was spent online. To make matters worse, our country was retaken over by the same military that our fathers and grandfathers would tell sad stories about. These are things no high schooler should face, yet we did and we persevered. Most importantly, Thalun remained open albeit online, and each of us was able to continue our academic endeavors. I spent the first half of my senior year online and expected to do so for the remainder of the year. But I was wrong.

The hardworking staff and faculty of Thalun, the ever-patient minds of our teachers, the unrelenting will of our principal, and the collective efforts of these people who have guarded and shielded us, ensuring the continuation of our education is a feat unlike any other. And for that I thank each and every one of you who have given the effort to look after us, I thank you all for taking care of us.

Yikes, I am getting teared up thinking about how I am at a point in time where the words I type now will likely not be seen again for many many years to come. I hope this nicely sums up my experience at Thalun, my life at my second home. There are many more experiences I would have liked to share, but as I have mentioned before, words become shallower the more it lacks meaning. 

Thank you Thalun, for providing me with wealth in the form of knowledge, supervision, and affection.

Writing to you for the last time,

Ricky SaiSai


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