Summer In 2018


During my summer vacation I got the opportunity to go to Vietnam. There were lots of interesting things including LAB ( Learning Across Borders) in Hanoi, and I also spent three nights and four days at Tayar Sakan.

Hey guys, I’m Swe Yee and this is my second blog post. As you read, I’m from Thalun International School and I’m from 8th grade. Anyway, I traveled to Vietnam and participated in the LAB program. Before I traveled to Vietnam I went to Tayar Sakan with Wine Wine and my friends form MISY.


Back to the Vietnam trip, I’ve been on several trips but this trip was different. This was my first time participating in an oversea contest. I got lots of experience and I also got a present form Vietnam, which is my phone screen cracked!  I’m glad that my mom still doesn’t know that my phone cracked.

The summer went so fast and I still can’t believe that I’m already in the 8th grade. So yeah, that is all about my unforgettable summer.


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