~;-;~ My Rainy Summer ~;-;~

If you were in Yangon over the summer you would have seen a lot of rain. It’s pretty boring over the summer holidays. Anyway, I went to Maungmagan Beach, Dawei which is at the bottom part of Myanmar. The beach is so stormy. Also the wind is so cold and so strong.  You will see in the photo. I just ate, swam, slept, and played games. That’s how I spent my holidays.


Another thing that happened is that my father told me to go to the gym every day and play for two hours in the morning to make my body fit. But I am still chubby! LOL. As some of you guys know, I go to the gym with Mr. Sean and he is a good gym partner for me. We will be on the treadmill and he will act as a trainer. I spent much of my time there. When I got back from my trip, I was waiting for the day that school would open back up.

Before these holidays I had to sadly say goodbye to some of my friends. June 6th, the last day of school was the worst and I can’t forgot any friends who no longer goes to this school. We cried a lot and hugged each other and said goodbye. The photo that I posted below is just a normal photo. It is a memory from last year that we will always remember. But this year I am here and I hope this year will be a good year for me. There are also new students. They are: Nina from Japan and Alexa from Cambodia who is JC’s cousin. She can speak English very well.

I will just end my blog post here. Bye…



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