Rick’s Life

Having been born in Yangon, I live in Yangon, go to school in Yangon and I sleep in Yangon. My name is Ricky and my life is full of normal and weird facts. I’m addicted to soccer and my mind is literally out of this world.

Ever since joining Thalun School, my life has changed and I am now in a completely new environment. I am happy to share my story with you. I was born in the month of Shan New Year and the Lighting Festival or November. My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Jupiter is my planet. I have a sister who enjoys making wonderful art crafts and painting. I find Thalun to be a great place to broaden my horizons and the school teachers are inspiring.

My two main hobbies are playing soccer and staring into our Milky Way galaxy. These two hobbies created two dream jobs for me; that is being an astronomer working for NASA or becoming a famous soccer celeb. One thought was that if I were to become an astronomer, it would be a great thing that will help our country achieve greater success.



During my free time, I enjoy reading both science and mythological fiction. As most young people like reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, I also enjoy them. My favorite god in Greek mythology is Poseidon. If I’m in no mood for reading, I’ll be in a cinema, watching any movie that includes humor and science.

For my future, I would love to travel the seven wonders of the world, meet Neymar, visit Camp Nou…etc. These are my life goals but cherishing the equal amount of love or even more towards my family is a must too! My mom always said, “Be yourself, believe in yourself and try hard!” This has always been my favorite quote.

Thank you so much for reading my very first blog post! If you want to know more about me, why don’t you come and meet me face-to-face and have a chat! I would love to meet you too!

Peace Out!



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