About Eimi

My name is Amy Sugiura. I have been staying here in Myanmar for four months.

I have been at the Japanese government school last year.

I am now at this school for this year. This picture  (coming soon) is the best of my collection all of my pictures. They are very powerful and the teacher is very kind.

My favorite subjects are Japanese and Biology because the teachers talk about interesting  things and they are exciting people to me.

My  hobbies are watching animation, reading books and comics.

I play phone games every day. I like to play it too. It is my hobby.

I love Japanese animations!

I am going to introduce Japanese culture.

Do you want to wear Japanese costumes?

Japan has some traditional costumes. The most popular one is the KIMONO. It is a beautiful design.

If you want to wear one, you can try at some event.

Now Japan is in their summer. The summer season holds many festivals because the Japanese people like festivals.

Many people visit HANABI (fire works) festival. They have a very big, unique sound.

Some girls and boys  wear YUKATA in this festival.

Japan has many interesting things. These are just a few examples.

I want to introduce many Japan cultural things for you some day.

One thought on “About Eimi

  1. Hi Eimi. Good first post. It looks like your photo did not upload. I can help you the next time we meet. I also have lots of questions about Japan as I may go for the first time this year. May I ask you?


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