Quick n’ Dirty Digital Andrew

What you can see is a portrait of me during WWW (Week Without Walls) taken by Edward. I chose this photo because it had a beautiful background and it reminded me of WWW. During this time, we were all having the best moments of my life but I don’t think that the photo will portray much of that. As time passes, only photos and our memories can bring us back to the moments we had.

To draw my Quick n’ Dirty Digital Illustration, I used GIMP and followed the guide that Ms.Kristen has shown us. I have used GIMP once in my last post where I drew my Red Panda. Just as the project title shows, the picture is a quick and dirty sketch of myself. I traced over my original picture and I made sure that the sketch would fit the color scheme of my original photo. The picture has a grayish style to it and contains a few buildings in the back that I tried to draw. So this is my quick and dirty illustration of my project. I hope you enjoyed.

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