Ordinary Girl?

Hey there!


This is my real life story. [ Judge me when you are perfect ]

I am Lin Thiri Han, but just call me Lin. I was born on the 3rd of August, 2005 (Leo).

I consider myself as an ordinary girl……eat, sleep, regret and repeat! But sometimes  life is weird and confusing

I love………

  • to help others,  seeing people smile just makes me happy♥
  • to travel
  • to play badminton
  • roses
  • EDM music
  • to take pictures ( nature )
  • to eat strawberries and bananas

My favorite colors are black and cyan

I have– acrophobia and trypophobia

I want to be a– professional BADMINTON player

When it comes to love, I might be the most unlucky person you know. But still, seeing him smile can light up my entire day.

I have a brother called Kaung Kaung. He is 8 years old. We fought almost everyday when we were young but now I learned that I can’t live without him. He is not a healthy, normal child, he needs extra-attention. But I know that I can give a full sister-love to him no matter what. After 3 and a half month of being in Myanmar hospital with his eyes closed because of a disease he had, all of the doctors had gave up on him. They said they’ve tried their best on my brother they can’t do any better. I sat on the chair in front of the ICU room, my head leaning the wooden door beside me already crying. I was shocked when I heard the words coming out of  the doctor’s mouth. Does that mean my brother will never open his eyes again? Does that mean our family have to sit and wait for his death? I was speechless for the entire day but inside my heart, I know and I believe that my brother and I can dance crazily to the songs on my laptop like the old days again. Our family had enough of all the excuses the the doctors gave and so we decide to take my brother to Bangkok hospital. After about 2 months my brother survived but he only know the word mama as it was the last word he said before his last faint. So  of cause he  started calling everyone he sees mama. He acted like a 3 years old kid starting with a brand new life. He scratched me and bit me and all those stuffs. But I was happy to see him standing on his feet again.

 *I apologize if I made you guys bored.

My favorite quotes……………



3 thoughts on “Ordinary Girl?

  1. Hey Lin. I guess it’s true that “good things come to those who wait.” What a lovely and detailed post. It definitely was not boring (as you feared towards the end.) Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your story.

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