The New Kid

By: Moe Khant

What up, so my name is Moe Khant but my friends call me Blake. I am a 9th grader and I used to attend to ISM. And I love to play Basketball.

People ask me why I like to play Basketball and I say it’s because it makes me feel free and it also helps me out with stress. And that’s why I love Basketball.

My hobbies are to play sports and games. I like to play Pub-G and Fortnite, because both of those share a same concept which is “Battel Royale.” Battel Royale is a type of game mode, like 50 Vs. 50 which I love to play. In both Pub-G and Fortnite there are a variety of guns and bombs which I can pick and survive to get my rank better. So yeah, this is all about me. If you’ve got questions or want to talk, you can always find me on the basketball court.😊 Peacee✌

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