9th & 10th Grade Goal Animations

In ICT class we are learning animation, design, and visual communication. Recently each student created a “Goals Animation” using the free online animation software PowToon.

Here are the results of our first experiment. Click on each student’s name to also see their biography.

-Grade 10

I am merely an arrow set free from a bow. I will seldom waver in the air, but rest assured…. I won’t miss my targets. This video will show you what those targets are.

Anne MarieGrade 9

What are goals?

Well, goals are what keep you motivated in life and help you grow physically and mentally. For example, even though you’re not interested, one of my goals is to start a successful band. You see, goals are what makes you become who you are meant to be.

There will always be harsh criticism, difficulties, temptations, and insecurities; those who would oppose you or bring you down will definitely exist too. You will struggle with many problems; don’t let them bring you down. These are what make you grow into a better and stronger person. A better person whom others look up to and adore. If you know that you have the potential to accomplish your goals, just do it.

Goals are important in life. They make you who you are.

  –Grade 9

“What are your dreams and goals?”

“What will you do to achieve them?”

I was first asked this question when I was in third grade. Of course, the seven-year old Sabrina with a toothless grin wrote ‘To Be Rich,’ with a red crayon snapped in half. But the older I grew, I began to have a better glimpse of what life is. Gradually, the list of dreams and goals accumulated as years passed by.

Now I’m in my first year of high school and once again, I’m asked the same question. Looking back from now, I realized how my goals have constantly changed and shifted. But some of them have remained left to be achieved and some accomplished. My name is Sabrina, and you can now check my current dreams and goals down below.

Hailey -Grade 10

Goals are defined as a point marking the end of a race. If I had no goals or dreams, I would have no idea about where I’m going, and where my destination is. Nothing would be pushing me to come to school and to get an education. But since every result requires effort, my goals are the motivation that lead toward continuing my life everyday. I will be briefly describing some of my goals from my wish list in the following video that I made.

John -Grade 10

Hopes and dreams don’t always last forever, unless you change the future. Just believe that life is fine and that you are not alone.


Mary -Grade 10

“Nonexistent goals?” That sounds weird. Everyone MUST have dreams right? Well, I don’t. Click on the link to find out the harsh realities of dreams.



TinaGrade 9


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